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Self Quarantine: Day Whatever...

I have lost count of what day this is for our self-quarantine adventures.  Going to have to come up with a new subject line for posts because I don't know what day it is, just that it is a work from home and homeschool the kids day.

There is not a whole lot new in our lives.  We have settled into our new normal for the most part and, aside from cabin fever setting in here and there, it is going pretty well.  Bubba has been very dedicated to his school work and makes sure to do extra every day.  He has really gotten into trail running, which I know has to be a great way to get his pent up energy out.  Our dog, Sassy, got hurt running the trails last week and recovery has been slow up until the last couple of days.  Yesterday she was able to run along side Bubba and it was the sweetest sight.

Vivian has been living her best life. Most of her days she is half dressed and rarely has shoes on.  Tuesday she went with the boys and her nana to start working on the garden a little bit.  She ended up right in the middle of a massive fire ant bed and became covered with ants.  Her brother leapt into action and started swatting them off of her and yanked her dress, shoes and socks off of her.  She still became covered with ant bites all over her ankles, back and neck.  She is doing better now, just covered in little blisters where she was bit.

This quarantine has kept us eating well.  Last night we enjoyed smoked chicken wings done on the Big Green Egg, air fried okra, baked beans and green beans.  This weekend the hubs will be smoking racks of ribs.  While this quarantine is hard, I am thankful for the timing of it.  It has allowed us to fully enjoy the first days of spring.  We are all starting to get a little kissed by the sun and are continuing to appreciate all of the small things in life.

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