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Self Quarantine: Day 4

Day four of quarantine I woke up extremely tired.  If I am being honest, I have not been sleeping very well the last few nights.  This pandemic is stressful.  As a parent, I have a lot of emotions about it all.  Anxious, Sad, Fearful, etc...As a parent, while experiencing these emotions, I have to work very hard to display stability and provide consistency for my children.  Trying to maintain honesty about the situation, while trying to keep their childhood intact is tough.  I want to make sure they do not live in fear, but also are present and proactive in our new reality.

We are all feeling sad as a lot of Bubba's travel ball season has been cancelled.  My heart breaks for him as he has worked incredibly hard to prepare for this season.  He is missing his team and his coaches as they have become such a huge part of his life.  He is missing being at school and hanging out with his friends.  The quarantine is necessary and we are going to commit to it to the best of our abilities, but I hate what this pandemic has done to my son's everyday life.  Vivian is just happy to be around me all the time, so she's more than fine with this quarantine...but Bubba is struggling a bit and missing his friends and baseball.

Because I have been so tired today we have been moving a bit slower.  Bubba got his daily assignments done this morning and spent some time working on a couple of extra lessons.  He also did a couple of math tests in the afternoon.  Vivian has been the most active of the bunch and we have played MANY rounds of volleyball with a beach ball.

After schoolwork and lunch Bubba went fishing, as he does everyday.  He caught his biggest catch this week  A big ol' catfish that we will be having for supper this weekend.   Vivian stayed down at the lake with the boys admiring the catfish, that was being held in a fish cage in the water, for over an hour.  All the time by the lake for the kids allowed me some peace and quiet while I worked.

We took it easy this evening.  We watched the Masked Singer on Hulu with the kids and had a great time. It was a great moment of family time all together.  I used to take those little moments for granted.  I cherish them so much more now with all that is going on.  Soaking up every moment of this time that I can. Even the stressful ones.

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