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Self Quarantine: Day 3

Day three of self-quarantine began about the same as the last two days for us.  I have been making a point to still wake up early and get ready for the day much like I would if I was going to work.  I have found this helps me to be more productive and motivated to be active during the day, both physically and mentally.  Hoping my inner sloth can be contained for a least another couple of weeks.

Bubba finished his assigned schoolwork extremely early this morning.  I don't really have to worry about screen time with him, as he has just never been that kid (my daughter most definitely IS that kid), but I am going to have to come up with a few extra lessons to fill up his day with something besides fishing and hiking.  Will be getting some books in soon, which should help fill up some of the day.  Trying to find ways to provide some educational moments with Vivian while working full-time from home.  Bubba is old enough he can get himself through his homework without needing a lot of attention from me.  He can also entertain himself without me.  Vivian, on the other hand needs, to be guided through every step and can entertain herself in moderate spurts.  I have to really capitalize on those spurts when it comes to work. 

Vivian thinks we are on vacation.  She loves being at school with her friends, but homegirl is living her best life right now out in the country. Yesterday she didn't have a shirt on all day.  Today she went half the day with a shirt and a pair of underwear on, that is it.  Been barefoot for most of quarantine as well with the exception of our walks in the woods.  I no longer care what I should and should not be doing with her.  If I end up having to use the TV as a babysitter as the weeks go on, so that I can work, so be it.  Fear of judgement went out the window the second COVID-19 came to the US.  I just want her happy and engaged.  She gets a good nights sleep, has three hot meals prepared for her along with nutritious snacks and plenty of love and attention.  I have had great success, so far, in keeping the TV off the majority of the day with the exception of nighttime.  This is a major win for me as petit bebe is a little addicted.

A faculty member at the institution I work for has tested positive for COVID-19.  We are on super high alert and I am sure this means confirmed cases of COVID-19 will begin popping up in our county soon.  I am terrified, but am also at peace.  This is something that is completely out of my control, outside of doing my part to self-quarantine my family.  We are as prepared as we ever could be at this point.    

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