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Snowy days...

Last Friday morning started off just like any other morning.  Full of hustle and bustle.  Baby waking up too early, Bubba not wanting to get up at all and mama and daddy guzzling as much coffee as we could before jetting out the door.  Little did we know there was a surprise on the way from Jack Frost himself!

I started to see the first snow flakes come down around 9AM while at work.  I kept telling myself "Don't get your hopes up...we never get much and it never, ever sticks..."  Well by about 11AM the grounds and roads were covered.  I received notice that my place of work was shutting down early and that my childrens' schools were closing early as well.  So off I went to get the kids, pick up the basics like wine, milk and hot cocoa mix...then we all crept slowly home where we marveled and talked about everything we wanted to do in the snow.

The rest of the weekend was made up of snow. We headed down to my mother-in-law's to continue the playing with a much larger crowd of family and friends.  Snowball fights were had, snowmen were built and sledding was done.  

I am so appreciative for our snow weekend.  The kids and I ended up with a three and a half day weekend due to school closings and it gave us all a chance to slow down a bit.  Time stood still for just a little while and allowed us to play and enjoy time with one another with no regard for how soon the weekend was ending.  Our snow weekend was the stuff that children's books are made of...

There are still a few little dustings of snow left on the ground a week later! That is unheard of in the south! Each time I see leftover snow I can't help but smile thinking about the wonderful early white Christmas we had and the memories made.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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