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Why I don't go to PTO meetings...

Earlier this fall, Bubba's school had their first PTO meeting of the year.  Those who have known me for the past 20 years, know that I have always dreamed of being a PTO mama.  When Bubba was in kindergarten, I went to PTO meetings and helped at school events last year up until the birth of my second child.  Well this year, I had told myself I was going to get more involved again...when and where I can.  So I decided I would go to the first PTO meeting of the year.  Well when I got to school to pick up Bubba, I had decided I would just flake and go home with the kids because I was exhausted...but of course Bubba begged me to go...so we went.  

Within 20 minutes of being there, Vivian was over it.  Since the meeting had absolutely nothing to do with her, she was over it before we ever walked in.  I had entertained her every which way I knew how while sitting down and being quiet.  From making funny faces, with all the judgy people around me, stuffing her face with puffs and letting her play with my phone...and by play, I mean drop it repeatedly.  I tried everything.  Bubba sat next to us, just doing what he could to ignore the situation that was starting to unfold.  Vivian was so over it she decided to let us know while we were reciting the pledge of allegiance...by screaming at the top of her lungs, naturally.  I nearly started laughing because I looked over to see my son was absolutely mortified!

Bubba whispered at me, exasperated "Mamaaaaa...let's go!" So we stood up and left the bleachers to stand in the corner by the door so we could still hear what was going on.  I set her on the ground next to her brother.  Which worked for about two minutes...Vivian then made it her quest in life to annoy her brother to death by slobbering on him, climbing on him, pulling his hair and even his nose at one point.  Next thing I know, I hear this loud grunt.  I look over at my graceful daughter whose eyebrows are now bright red...which only means one thing...She is working on a serious poo.  Her whole face is strained as she lets out loud grunts like a football player mid tackle...People around us began to look at her and then look at me...because they probably thought she was choking.  Then, the smell began to waft all around us, so I pick her up to hightail it out of there. I decide to wait another couple of minutes because we had nearly made it through the entire meeting.

At this point, her diaper is H U G E.  I mean it cannot hold anything else.  I just really wanted to make it through the whole meeting as it had been so important to my son that we go...which was a massive mistake...because while I am trying to be a good mom and an involved mom...she decides she has to pee.  There is no room in the diaper for the pee to go, so instead it goes down the side of my shirt, pants and yes even my shoes....I should have given up and gone home once she screamed during the pledge of allegiance...

 Bubba was no longer embarrassed.  As we left and headed to the car, he was too busy laughing hysterically to be embarrassed.  I headed home, pee soaked and proceeded to do what I should have done instead of going to the PTO meeting...drink.

This is why I don't go to PTO meetings....unless Bubba is performing or being recognized.  Which of course means I have to go to the PTO meeting tonight...



  1. You are such a wonderful mom!- Trista Oliver

  2. I was very involved with PTO for my older son. Youngest Mama tried but couldn't stand the sideways glances and click when going through a divorce several years ago. Thank goodness there older and I don't have to do the PTO thing.