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Traveling with baby...

I received a Dock-A-Tot Grand La Vie En Rose spare cover in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my very own.

A couple of weeks ago we drove to Kentucky to visit with some of my family.  This was the longest trip away from home we have ever done with Vivian.  She has proved to be a bit high maintenance at times, so we were nervous to say the least.  The drive to my family in Kentucky is about a seven hour trip. We were worried about how she would tolerate a long drive. We were worried about how many times we would have to stop.  We were just worried from the get go...


On top of worrying about how she would tolerate the long drive, we were staying in a hotel room so we were worried about how well she would sleep, eat and play.  Here are three things that made our trip much easier...

| T O Y S |

Yes, I know this is obvious.  For long car rides, I like to get a new toy or two to occupy the baby for a little longer than her everyday toys would.  I have found when we are in our hotel room, its the everyday toys that Vivian gravitates toward.  I think it comforts her to play with her familiar toys in a very unfamiliar room.  I recommend making sure you bring toys that your baby is used to seeing and playing with as well as maybe purchasing a new toy or two to surprise them for the road trip.  Vivian played with her toys in her Dock-A-Tot Grand with the La Vie En Rose spare cover on it while in the hotel room.  It was a great way to keep her off of the hotel room floor.

| D O C K  -  A  -  T O T |

I swear by her Dock-A-Tot Grand!  Bringing it with us on trips is like bringing home with us.  Vivian is very comfortable with her Dock-A-Tot and she associates home with it.  She snuggles in it with her brother while they play and watch TV.  She naps in it, she eats in it.  It is a part of her everyday life. It is easy to travel with and is perfect for hotel rooms.  While in the hotel Vivian ate, slept and played in the Dock-A-Tot.  We are not a gentle use family...we are a very messy family.  One of my favorite things about her Dock-A-Tot Grand is the beautiful La Vie En Rose spare cover we have on it.  The pattern is so sharp and vibrant. The flowers look real and the fabric is durable, yet soft.  By the time we got home there were yogurt stains, blowout stains and general dirt stains on the Dock-A-Tot cover...not to mention it had been on the icky hotel room floor.  The covers are machine washable, so her beautiful La Vie En Rose cover has been washed and put back on the Dock-A-Tot

| G R O C E R I E S |

We decided to pick up a couple of things once we got to town such as whole milk, yogurt and fruit.  We opted to do this instead of trying to pack a cooler.  It just made traveling more simple for us.  Our room fridge was broken, but the hotel staff was nice enough to let us use one of the hotel refrigerators that was close to our room.  Having yogurt on hand at the hotel was helpful as it is an easy source of protein and its one of Vivian's favorite foods.  Vivian ate many of her meals and snacks in the Dock-A-Tot while we were in the hotel. I didn't have to worry about the spare cover getting yogurt or milk on it because I knew I would be able to throw it in the washer when we returned home. The cover is extremely easy to take off and put back on.

Next time you are traveling with a one year old, be sure to pack your Dock-A-Tot with one of their beautiful covers from their new Fairytale Collection.  It will get you through just about anything while trying to survive your hotel stay with your baby

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