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Taking a moment...

It has been quiet around the blog this week.  I have missed being active in this space, but the absence has been necessary.  I spent a few days back home grieving the loss of a beloved uncle.  It was also the first time I had been home since losing a very dear cousin of mine, who happened to be the son of the uncle the recently passed.  My family and I are hurting so badly, but it was comforting to be with them during this time.

Between traveling home, nursing Vivian back to health after battling thrush, helping my son finish the first half of first grade strong and dealing with other family matters that need attention..I had nothing left to give this week. So I plan to be back strong next week. 

This weekend I hope you hug your babies a lot and tell your loved ones how much you really do love them.  People need to hear it and hear it often.  People need love and they need to feel like they are loved. So pick up the phone and call.  Get in the car and go.  Just do whatever you can to show your love, because they really may not be there to hear it tomorrow.

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