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He's making a list...

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This is the first year that Bubba doesn't have a wishlist full of action figures.  Because of this, I have become all too aware of the fact that he has grown up a ton in the last year...and that it is only going to get faster from here...His #1 item that he has been begging for is a dirt bike or four wheeler.  We are not ready to go down the dirt bike path, so we are currently looking at used four wheelers.  Whether or not we actually go through with it...we shall see.  He has plenty of other wishlist items to pick from in the meantime...

1. MagWorld magnetic building tiles - Bubba has a couple of sets of these tiles and they are awesome! He loves to build things and has said several times that he would like to be an architect when he grows up.  These are the perfect toys for the future architect or contractor in your life.

2. Motorized Solar System Science Kit - Another profession Bubba has been interested in is an astronaut. He loves learning about planets and stars.  He will look at the stars trying to find constellations. This looks like such a cool science kit to further his curiosity about the solar system.  I also love that it is under $40!

3. Bat training weight - Since joining a local travel ball team, Bubba has gotten very serious about baseball.  He loves it.  He has requested baseball camps and training sessions as presents instead of toys.  This bat weight is another item on his list. He currently has an Axe bat, but it is a bit heavy. This training weight may help him to swing his bat faster. We shall see!

4. Carhartt Camo Bib Overalls - Another hobby Bubba is starting to get into is hunting with his Daddy.  He has only been out a couple of times, but each time he goes...he gets further and further invested in it.  He is going to need his own hunting gear soon and carhartt is one of our favorite brands.  Their clothing is extremely durable and warm.  

5. RBI Baseball 2017 for XBox One - Again, he LOVES baseball. Unfortunately, his friends at school are all into video games as well, which is something we have been trying to avoid for as long as possible. Not happy that a video game has been requested, but I also acknowledge that it is unavoidable. IF he gets this, there will be strict time limits.

6. Mizuno Youth Batting Gloves - Not really going to elaborate on this one. Bubba is a little obsessed with baseball at the moment...

7. Nerf Sports Dude Perfect Signature Bow - Bubba is obsessed...and I mean OBSESSED with the Dude Perfect crew. He wants to be a member so bad it hurts.  He is constantly trying to come up with his own trick shots. Naturally, he wants anything that says Dude Perfect on it. PS - If you don't know what Dude Perfect is, look them up on YouTube...You and your kids will be hooked!

8. Watch Ya Mouth Game - I put this on his list myself, just because I know that Bubba would die laughing during this game. My only reservation is that you have to be extremely secure with yourself and your teeth to do this. I mean every single tooth, cavity, nook and cranny are on display when you put those things in your mouth.  Either way, it looks like so much fun!

9. The New Captain Underpants Collection - Bubba really enjoyed the movie and I had no idea that the movie was based on the books until recently.  He is an avid reader and I feel like these books are funny enough to keep him wanting to read more.

Well there you have it. A Christmas wishlist from a 6 year old sportsman and future architect.  Next week I will post what I think Vivian's wishlist would be if she could talk.  What awesome toys are at the top of your children's wishlists?

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