Trip to the pumpkin patch... - West & Rose Farm

Trip to the pumpkin patch...

My parents came to town for a long weekend to hangout with the grandkids on fall break.  They have been spoiled rotten the entire time and hubs and I have been spoiled by some ridiculously good cookin' by my mama.  One of my very favorite parts of their visit was visiting a pumpkin farm up in north Georgia, called Burt's Pumpkin Farm.

Burt's Pumpkin Farm is two hours away from home for us.  I had heard so many people rave about what a cool place this was, so my mom and step-dad and I decided we should go check it out.  Once you get past Atlanta, the drive is beautiful.  One of the best things about Burt's is that admission is free, as is the parking.  They have every kind of pumpkin/gourd known to man.  I was particularly fond of the heirloom pumpkins and basically all of the ones that did not look like a traditional pumpkin.

Vivian loved touching and feeling all of the pumpkins and their different textures.  The downside to this pumpkin farm is that there is not very much for kids to do, outside of looking at pumpkins.  They do have a hayride, which is really fun and cost $6 per person, but outside of that...there is NOTHING for kids to do.  I felt really guilty for making the kids ride in a car for a total of nearly 5 hours that day, just to look at pumpkins.  The drive would have made a really fun day date with the hubs, but Bubba got bored pretty quick after the hayride...

The prices of their various pumpkins and gourds were pretty fair.  They also sold lots of good foods like pumpkin rolls, apple muffins and barbeque.

I adored this pumpkin farm and loved walking around seeing all of the pumpkins and smelling all of the yummy pumpkin treats.  I would love to take a trip back up there for a day date and then going to the sunflower farm and then the apple orchard that are both right down the road from this pumpkin farm.  I would not recommend bringing the whole family to this pumpkin farm, unless you live within half an hour of the farm. There are just not enough kid friendly attractions to make the trip worth it.

Where are your favorite places to go in the fall?

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