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Petit Pumpkin

I can hardly believe that our petit pumpkin is O N E today!  It still feels like I gave birth to her a couple of weeks ago. I was in labor on this day a year ago from 7:30am until she was born at 5:34pm.  I will cherish my experience of the day so much.  I was able to labor at home for a majority of it. I remember being in the house by myself, contracting and praying over this sweet girl.  I knew life was about to change, but I could never have imagined how much this sweet girl would bless our family. To read more about our birth story, click here!

O N E   Y E A R

She is still Ms. Thumbsucker.  Right now it is helpful that she can self soothe, but we dread having to wean her from thumb sucking in another year or so...

She L O V E S being outside!  She loves exploring in the grass and playing in the mud

She H A T E S bath time...which breaks this mama's heart

She says Dada, Mama, Bubba and is a motor mouth in general

She is not attached to one particular all.  She is very similar to her brother on this one.  Neither of them had a security item. Vivian's security item at the moment is ME! 

She loves garden veggie burgers, yogurt and any kind of gourd/squash...and her mama's pumpkin pancakes.

She L O V E S music and loves to dance even more.

She is crawling and can walk while holding onto the couch or other surface.

Sleeps through the night in her crib after battling sleep regression during the summer.

Spent her first year hanging out at baseball fields cheering on her brother.  She is used to dirty and loud 5-7 year old boys...bless her heart.  I have to give those boys props because nearly all of them have sat and played with her for a few minutes between games...

She plays favorites...hard.  If she doesn't like you, she lets you know it!  She is similar to her mama on that one.  However, if she likes you...she loves you and you know it. 

Her brother is her everything.

The three of us just adore our Vivian Rose.  Bubba is quick to remind us he wanted her first.  He is telling the truth too.  I have a video of him at two years old begging for a baby sister...or as he said it "baby seeeeestah" and he was relentless about it until the day we told him he was getting a sister.  I was terrified of having a daughter. I thought I would only be a good mama to a boy...I don't get into frilly bows, tulle or the color pink...turns out that is not a prerequisite for being a good girl mom...Vivian has showed me that I am the perfect mama for her...and that is all that matters.

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! We love you so...

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