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Life Lately...

This has been one heck of a week.  Between red ribbon week at Bubba's school and Vivian's first birthday...not to mention Hubs and I both working full-time jobs...I am really, really proud of myself for having pants on right now.  Why did I wish to be an adult my entire childhood? Adulting sucks...Except for when it involves cuddling with mah bebes!

| O N E |

We celebrated Vivian's first birthday on Tuesday and then witnessed her taking her very first, unassisted, steps on Wednesday!  Wish I had a video, but I will relish the memory.  One of my favorite parts was hearing both Hubs and Bubba run as fast as they could to see her walk after I yelled for them.  They were both so excited.  She took about 3 steps and then sat down.

| T W O |

I made this amazing taco soup and it was so easy and delicious.  The perfect soup for my fellow working mamas! I tweaked it some and used frozen chicken and corn, which honestly made it work even better since it was in the crockpot on low for a total of 10 hours. I also added in 2 oz of cream cheese about 45 minutes before we were ready to eat.  Garnish with hot sauce, lime and cilantro and OMG it is just the best soup ever considering how easy it was to make!!

| T H R E E |

Nickel & Suede Leather Earrings

We have a W I N N E R! Congrats to Courtney S. for winning a pair of Large Nickel & Suede earrings in the blank canvas color.  I am wearing my pair right now and am so in love with them.  I hope you love them as well!!

| F O U R |

I am a little bummed the Halloween season is already coming to a close in a few days.  We got to do lots of fun things like go to pumpkin patches and do halloween AKA Hocus Pocus movie nights complete with apple cider and pizza.  I am looking forward to handing out candy on Halloween.  Our neighborhood is SO MUCH FUN on Halloween. People from all over town drive their kids to our neighborhood to trick or treat because most of the residents participate and it is a very safe subdivision.  Last year, Vivian was a week old on halloween, so only Bubba dressed up and went trick or treating...This year, I have two kiddos dressing up.  As a werewolf and a unicorn.  I just love this time of year y'all!

| F I V E |

Last night we went to our local college football game.  I work at this college and was able to get great seats right on the 50 yard line in the "special guests" section...because obviously, I am a big deal...Or they were trying to make sure people were actually at the game since it was a Thursday night.  Either way, Bubba had a great time getting to stay out late hanging with college students at a football game. 

Happy Last Friday of October!! Have a great weekend. Live your best life and carve pumpkins, drink PSL's and watching Hocus Pocus at least two more times before Halloween is over!

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  1. I've made something similar to that taco soup before. So easy and so tasty! The crockpot is such a life saver! October flew by so quickly. As soon as Halloween is over it's going to be all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Enjoy Halloween and giving out candy! Stopping by from #FridayFavorites!