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happy halloween...

Happy Halloween, y'all! One of my very favorite holidays is here.  I have a werewolf and unicorn that are quite excited as well!! This weekend I had big plans of a low key and happy family weekend.  Bubba's baseball tournament was cancelled due to weather and we had no commitments on Saturday, outside of a cookout at my mother-in-law's...so we were prepped for an awesome weekend...

Unfortunately, on Saturday morning I received a call from my mother telling me the news of my Uncle Joe passing away that same morning.  I felt my heart break in that moment.  Breaking not only for my loss, but especially for the loss everyone else like his wife, daughter, grandkids, brothers and sister.  I had prepared myself to sit in my bedroom and wallow for the rest of the weekend and just leave hubs to deal with the kids.  That is what I really, really wanted to do.  

Then, in the midst of crying, my son started bringing me notes...telling me he loves me and that he is sorry I lost my uncle and one that said "It will be OW KAY"  He must have written me ten letters and it was just what I needed.  It made me realize, if I let this precious time get squandered crying in my bedroom instead of enjoying my favorite time of year with my kids and husband...my Uncle Joe would have been furious with me.  So, while I was sad throughout the weekend and cried off and on...I managed to have a pretty perfect fall weekend while leaning on my husband and kids for support.

I made Vivian's birthday cake, even though her party was cancelled due to weather.  She still deserved a fancy cake.

We went over to my mother-in-law's for a cook-out in remembrance of my father-in-law Lynn. His birthday would have been on Halloween.  We lost him three and a half years ago.  We said a prayer for Uncle Joe and family during this time and we also put floating candles out on the lake and shot off some fireworks.  It was a great way to make it more of a time of celebrating their homecoming than mourning their leaving.

Sunday we took our time waking up...and actually Vivian and I went back to bed for a couple of hours before noon!  It was just what I needed.  We spent a couple of hours cleaning up the house, getting the kids bathed, prepping lunches and just prepping for the week ahead.  Then we put on Hocus Pocus, again, as we carved pumpkins.  Bubba and I carved the pumpkins while hubs made his famous coconut lemongrass soup. 

This was the first year that Bubba actually carved most of his pumpkin.  I was so proud of him. He did a great job on the jack-o-lantern.  I went with something that I could freehand...stars!

At the end of the night, once I got Vivian to bed, we all snuggled in to watch Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin.  Bubba got to stay up late because traditions should never be messed with...

I am looking forward to watching the kids go off trick or treating while I stay and hand out candy.  I got to go last year, a week after giving birth may I remind you, so it's hubs turn this year.

Happy Halloween, y'all!!

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