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First Child vs Second Child

When we learned that I was pregnant with our second child, Vivian, I felt completely ready. While pregnant, I never felt scared or worried about how the heck I would keep her alive because we had done a pretty good job of keeping Bubba alive the last 5 years.  Proofs in the puddin'!  Then, I gave birth to my beautiful 10lb 4 oz baby girl and realized within her first five minutes on this earth that she was entirely different than Bubba.  Mainly because her first three hours on the planet, she screamed the entire time...and I do mean, the entire time.

We are inching closer and closer to Vivian's first birthday and each day that passes it feels like she is our first child and that we still have absolutely no clue what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks we are doing.  Our experiences in raising Bubba, and keeping him alive, are entirely different than our experiences in raising Vivian. parent truly knows what they are doing.  We are all just winging day at a time!  Here is a list of three ways in which my second child is nothing like my first child...

| O N E |

Keeping Bubba alive and safe from harm was pretty easy overall.  He was never fascinated by the stove or by electrical outlets and was overall a very cautious baby and toddler.  Of course, when we had Bubba, we had our house completely baby proofed down to a lock on the toilet that nearly made me pee myself every morning trying to get it open.  Even if we had never baby proofed, Bubba would have been fine...That was just the baby and toddler he was.  Keeping Vivian alive has required us to go all Walker Texas Ranger and learn Chuck Norris skills of survival.  She gravitates towards electrical outlets, stairs and loves to stand by the oven and stare into it as something bakes inside.  She also puts everything known to man in her mouth.  So far I have fielded her attempts to eat rocks, plastic and wipes.  

| T W O |

The first three of Bubba's birthday parties were perfectly themed and nearly dissolved my marriage every time because of the stress I would put on myself to ensure things were Pinterest perfect...I can, now unashamedly, admit that it was all for image.  Let's be real mamas, that's all our themed birthday parties are ever meant to do...To show off what amazing party planners we can be and that our parties are Pinterest worthy...If you deny it, you are lying to yourself.  I have learned my lesson.  Vivian will have a birthday party, but as the quintessential second will be thrown together pretty last minute probably.  Who cares, she won't remember!  Why in the heck did I throw such an over the top first birthday party for Bubba when he will never remember it.  If a theme comes out of her party...great!  If it's a hodge podge of crap that doesn't match...great!  I really do not care at this point and fully embrace this whole stereotypical second child to my full benefit!

| T H R E E |

Sleep.  What the heck is that word?  It sounds amazing.  See, with Bubba, once he started sleeping through the night at 3 months old he never gave us another problem.  We didn't have to constantly put him back in bed and he never woke us up in the middle of the night, with the exception of the occasional bad dream.  Vivian on the other hand slept through the night from 3 months old to 7 months old and then decided that she was being too easy on us and started waking up EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.  We have just recently sleep trained her again and she has just now begun sleeping through the night again at 11 months old.  I say this while obnoxiously knocking on wood!

Word to the wise...don't kid yourself into thinking you are going to know exactly what to do with your second child...You won't.  You may feel more confident, which is great...but most of the time you will still be scrambling, panicking, crying, hyperventilating, running, sweating and eventually passing out from sheer exhaustion...just like the first time around....

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  1. Anonymous9/23/2017

    I remember Jack's many nights of terror. It was rough