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baseball edition...

Happy Friday, y'all!
First and foremost, I want to send out my thoughts and prayers to those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Watching the news footage leaves me sick to my stomach because of how helpless I feel. I have been hugging my babies extra after hearing the awful stories of stranded children who have lost their parents to the floods. I cannot imagine what this has been like for the people in the Houston area.  I am super impressed by J.J Watt's fundraising effort and will most likely be donating to his cause.  Click here for more information as to how you can donate to his Houston Flood Relief Fund.

| O N E |

Friday at 4pm we were given 4 tickets to the Atlanta Braves game for that night.  Naturally, I hightailed it out of work early to grab the kids, throw on some braves gear and head to Atlanta.  We had such a great time.  We were so worried that Vivian was going to be a handful, but she was completely chill and especially loved being in her LILLEbaby carrier that I gushed about on Wednesday!  The Braves played an amazing game and won and all the Braves fans got to celebrate with an awesome fireworks show at the end of the game! GO BRAVOS!

| T W O |

This past Sunday, Bubba had his first travel ball tournament.  He joined a travel ball team over the summer and has been practicing every week with them.  His team played amazing and ended up winning three games which placed them in the championship.  His team ultimately fell to the other team in the championship game, but not before putting up a major fight for the gold ring.  They went home with runner-up rings and huge smiles on their faces..or in Bubba's case a major mean muggin'

| T H R E E |

Tuesday, this same champ woke up at 4:45am and crawled on all fours to our bedroom because he could not walk on his right leg because of the pain.  Needless to say, this mama got very scared.  We scheduled a doc appointment to get things checked out...being checked out meant having to get x-rays for the first time...I really, really hated the view...

Thank the good Lord, we found out the next day that there were no bone abnormalities so he most likely strained/tore a muscle...still painful, but will heal just fine.  This is when the doc tried to tell him not to run or do a lot of strenuous activity for the next week or so...meaning modify his baseball practices too...yeah we will see how well that goes.  I have a feeling Bubba will not be very cooperative...  Luckily, today he feels much better and barely limps now.  So glad to see him healing and back to his normal self...

| F O U R |

Earlier this week, Bubba was playing baseball with his friends from the team that also go to his school.  While they were playing, Bubba managed to fall and scrape his knee in the middle of a play.  When his friends realized he had hurt himself, they all took a knee out of respect for him just as they do when someone gets hurt playing in one of their travel ball games.  I have always said that sports teach some very necessary life skills that cannot be taught by reading a book...and this proves my point.  These boys are being raised right!

This weekend, my family does not have a thing planned.  Y'all, I am so excited about this!  We have a weekend to do whatever we want and maybe even make it to church for the first time in two months!  I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my family doing as little as I can get away with!!

TGIF, y'all!!

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