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Wear that babe!

*This post is sponsored by LILLEbaby and Elfin Marketing, but all opinions are my very own*

When our son, Bubba, was a baby we wore him around a lot using a baby carrier.  The one we used worked really well for him, outside of causing back pain, so we kept it in hopes that we could use it when we had baby #2.  Fast forward 5 years when we had our second child, our baby girl named Vivian.  Once she was a couple months old I began trying to wear her in the same baby carrier that we had used with our son.  

I was excited to be able to wear her as I had done with Bubba...but homegirl made sure to check my excitement at the door because she was not having it.  She absolutely hated the carrier.  The leg openings would never open up enough for her legs to feel comfortable, it made her extremely hot and it offered absolutely no back support for the person trying to wear it.  I gave up on my hopes of being able to wear her using a baby carrier and just resorted throwing her on my hip and suffering through even more back pain.

Then, with impeccable timing, LILLEbaby generously sent me one of their Complete All Seasons carriers for my honest review of their product.  I was very excited, but nervous as I worried Vivian would reject their carrier as she had the other.  When my husband and I were first looking at the carrier my husband said "it looks like it was made for military use!" as it is very utilitarian in style.  It is a very intuitive product in that the creator thought of just about every possible complaint a mother has ever had about a baby carrier, then tried to address them one by one. 

One of my favorite features of this carrier is all of the back support.  With the previous carrier we used, I had an enormous amount of back pain while wearing it.  I assumed the pain was normal and that I just needed to suck it up and deal with it.  The wide band at the bottom of the LILLEbaby Carrier, along with the brace on the back, make this carrier extremely comfortable.  I wore Vivian while we went to the Atlanta Braves game over the weekend and I did not have any back pain.  I wore the carrier for about an hour and a half straight, with absolutely no aching. Another feature I utilized at the Braves game was the temperature control panel.  It was hot and humid at the game, so I was able to unzip the temperature control panel to expose the breathable 3D mesh and allow Vivian a chance to cool off.

With this carrier, you have the option to carry your baby S I X different ways.  My husband has been partial to wearing Vivian on his back using the carrier.  I chose a stone gray color so that he would be comfortable wearing this carrier, but they do offer some gorgeous feminine and floral patterns and colors as well.  I am more traditional in that I like my baby in front of me where I can still interact with her.  I just love all of the options this carrier provides to parents.

Y'all, this LILLEbaby carrier has given me the opportunity to wear my baby again.  I always loved wearing Bubba in a baby carrier and was disappointed when I thought I would not be able to have the same experience with Vivian.  This carrier is truly the cream of the crop in my opinion.  To make this carrier even more awesome, it can be used until your child is 45 lbs!  That means that, technically, this carrier could have supported my son's weight until he was almost 6 years old!

LILLEbaby Complete carriers are widely reviewed online as the best carrier on the market and I totally get it.  I am looking forward to years of being able to use this carrier with my daughter.

Happy Pre-Friday!!

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