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The Big Reveal!

Happy Friday, y'all!  We made it!  I don't know about y'all, but this week seemed a little drunk most days...Hoping this weekend will be long enough to recuperate.  I am hoping to find some pretty flowers and a good bottle of wine to start the weekend off right tonight!

| O N E |

First and foremost, I want to take a minute to say one thing: I love you.  I love you because of your beautiful skin color.  Whatever color it is, it is beautiful.  I love you because of our differences, as I think that makes our country an exciting and engaging place to live.  I love your body exactly as it is: skinny, fat, lanky, stumpy, tall, short, boxy or round.  I love all of the shapes in our country and in our world.  I just wanted to say I love you to everyone that needs to hear it.  I also want to make it clear that I strongly condemn any and all hate groups out there because I think it is dumb to have a group focused around hate...Individuals do not need support in hating.  I think it is dumb to hate someone because of their color, religion or sexuality.  No matter the reason, I think hate is just plum stupid and I want to be as far away from it as possible.  This life can be beautiful if we surround ourselves with beautifully, different people.

| T W O |

So...What do y'all think of the blog?  Personally, I am super excited for this complete overhaul.  I feel it is more user friendly and organized.  I feel it looks more professional and does a great job of highlighting the photography, which was one of my goals.  This little blog is growing and I am enjoying every second of it.  I hope this new design will continue to welcome new opportunities to interact with my readers and with brands that I believe in.  Would love to hear any positive or negative feedback you have in regards to the new blog design. 

| T H R E E |
Our dog, Sassy, is nine years old.  She is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix.  Earlier this week I bought her some healthy weight dog food...honestly because it was on clearance, but also because she could use a little support when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight if you know what I mean... 

I swear to y'all...she has been trying to eat double the food ever since we switched to healthy weight food.  I keep looking at her with such empathy.   I totally feel for the girl!  When I am on a diet I wanna eat double of everything too!!!!  The struggle is real...even for dogs!  

| F O U R |

Last weekend I survived hosting a sleepover for four six year old boys!  It was my first time to have that many at the house at once, so I was nervous leading up to it.  This is a group of boys we call the bromance.  My son has been best friends with these boys since they were two years old.  From the second they all met they became "Ride or die".  Now, they go to different schools, but they still want to hang out any chance they get.  So for the sleepover, we took them to my MIL's pool for pizza and night swimming to wear them out really good and then came home for some cookies and Minecraft.  The boys were all passed out on the floor in the playroom by 11pm.  They were all picked up by 9:30 the next morn and it seemed like all the boys had so much fun together.  Looking forward to the next time we get the boys together.
| F I V E |

Now for the winner of the Target giveaway!!  Congratulations, Jen!! 

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Hang tight, girl! You should have a Target gift card in the mail in the next two-three weeks!
I hope y'all have an amazing weekend.  Be sure to tell someone you love them.

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