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Some beach...

I have survived the first few days of classes at the institution I work for and it has been a very challenging few days full of lots of problem solving.  I love it, but I am exhausted and all I can think about is a Pina Colada on the beach at Panama the one I was enjoying in that very place just a couple of weeks ago....

We spent the last weekend of July in Panama City with my MIL and another couple and their two boys.  Hubs grew up with the couple and Bubba is a year younger than their oldest son and a year older than their youngest son.  Bubba is on the same baseball team and is in the same grade as their oldest son, so basically our families are close! We rented a condo for all N I N E of us at Calypso Resort Condos on the 21st floor and we actually had plenty of room!  Y'all, the view was A M A Z I N G!  We barely ever let the kids out on the balcony because...well, we figured the 21st floor combined with hyper boys under the age of 7 would not be a great mix! Here is a quick run down of some of my favorite things about this trip...

Our first full day there we took our time getting out to the beach.  Hubs and I stopped by Thomas Donut & Snack Shop which is right down the road from the condo, and realized that we had discovered the Atlantis of donut shops!!!  This place not only has amazing and creative donuts, but their coffee is amazing.  It is the perfect coffee to have with a donut.  I can't explain it, but it's just perfect and you need it in your life the next time you are in PCB.  We also went to a really awesome and expensive Putt Putt Golf Course that night.  My MIL kept Vivian while we all took the boys.  We had such a fun time and everyone was super competitive!  I don't think the boys got to bed until after 11pm that night!

Bubba's 6th birthday was on Saturday while we were at the beach.  It was overcast and cloudy for most of the day, but still warm enough to enjoy the ocean.  I will cherish the memories made that day.  I loved seeing my son play with some of his best friends diving under waves and boogie boarding.  I loved watching Bubba and his Daddy build sandcastles while Vivian crawled and played all around them.  I loved watching Bubba and his little sister play together in the sand.  I loved the supper we had at the Seafood Basket with my MIL for Bubba's birthday supper.  I loved the multiple stops at Dippin Dots to celebrate.  It was just a perfect day.

Just down the beach from us, a couple of swimmers rescued a Pelican in distress.  The bird had gotten tangled in fishing wire and was flipping out because he could not get free.  The swimmers brought the bird to shore and my MIL and one of our friends on the trip with us went over to help.  My MIL ended up holding the bird while others worked to get him free from the fishing wire.  I got a quick video of the bird flying free.  I got a little weepy as it flew away thinking to myself "That is what humanity is all about!" 

Vivian was much braver this trip than our first beach trip with my Mom and Step-Dad at the end of May.  In May, she was not feeling the sand or the heat.  She was 6 months old and the definition of high maintenance.  This time around she was a little bit older and much more mobile.  She was not a fan of the waves, but loved messing around in the sand.  She did a lot of exploring and became a little Miss Independent at the beach...but of course would revert back to her leech tactics in the condo!
Our last beach day there were lots of shells at the surface of the sand, so Bubba and the other boys collected lots of shells and fragments of sand dollars.  My MIL got in on the action too and helped the boys find some really cool stuff.  Hubs and I swam way out to the sandbar, and thought about the chances are shark was near us the whole time...but it was worth it.  There is absolutely nothing like swimming out in the ocean.  Bubba and his friends came out there with a few times and I was so proud of them!!  They have become excellent swimmers and by the end of the trip they were experts at tackling waves and swimming under and over them. We capped off our final night at the beach with a trip to Dave & Busters in Pier Park and of course a stop at the Crocs store!

We are so fortunate that we were able to take two beach trips with family and friends this summer.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in May with my Mom and Step-Dad at Ft. Walton Beach and loved being able to cap off the summer with my MIL and some of our very good friends.  My next dream beach destination is Rosemary Beach and 30A.  Already peeking around at possible places for next summer!!

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Have a great weekend, y'all!

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