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day drinking dreams

Y'all...the struggle is alive and well.  This has been one of the hardest weeks, and it wasn't even all that busy.  I am not sure what it was that has made this week so hard, but I felt like I was walking through molasses the whole time...just struggling step by step.  I guess we all have those weeks.

| O N E |

This sweet girl is 10 months old.  Homegirl still loves sucking on her thumb and is crawling like crazy!  She stands really well, but is still unsure of herself so no steps yet.  She has two teeth and a third trying to make it's appearance.  She is pretty stubborn about food and still wants smooth baby food versus table foods with the exception of freeze dried yogurt bites.  This past month we have gotten to see her connection with her brother really grow.  They have developed such a sweet relationship-the kind of big brother/little sister relationship that I craved my entire life growing up.  In her eyes, so long as Bubba is around, she knows everything will be OK.  He is the only one that can make her belly laugh in the middle of throwing a tantrum.

| T W O |

Have y'all looked at the Cat & Jack line at Target lately?  They are killing it!! Not just in the baby girls' area, but also the boys area.  I am obsessed with all the things.  Bubba's entire picture day outfit, minus the boots, was Cat & Jack.  You just can't beat it for the price and styles.  This is not an ad or sponsored in anyway...I just really like Target.

| T H R E E |

How did everyone like the eclipse?  We experienced 95% totality where I love in Georgia.  It never really got dark, but it definitely got darker than I had ever seen it at that time of day.  As it got closer and closer, the temperatures dropped significantly...which in Georgia, is always welcomed!!!  Bubba got to watch the eclipse at school with his buddies, but I think he was more excited about the glasses he got to keep...even though they are only good for eclipse viewing...Once he realizes eclipse viewing glasses pretty much suck unless there is an eclipse, I will be donating our glasses to Astronomers Without Borders.  Go follow them on Facebook so that you can get updated information about how to donate your eclipse glasses!

| F O U R |

As I said at the beginning, the struggle is alive and well and we need a break from it.  I need a weekend in the city with the hubs.  I wanna wake up whenever I want, drink all the coffee then go brunching.  I want to day drink in the city and find new cool things like eclectic farmers markets, parks and trendy coffee shops.  I wanna go to a really fun bar, drink a little too much, listen to a live band, make out and get frisky with the hubs...Yes I said it...calm down.  I adore being my hub's wife.  It is my very favorite role besides being a mom.  I focus more than enough on being a mom, I want to focus on being a wife for a bit.

| F I V E |

Yesterday was National Waffle Day!  One of my favorite days, that I completely forgot about until 5pm.  So I ran to the store with the kids, completely optimistic about the night.  I wasn't going to let anything keep me from making waffles.  Bubba requested blueberry waffles, hubs wanted pecan and I just wanted all the things.  We had a really nice family supper of chicken and waffles.  As we were finishing up, we heard all kind of liquid gurgles, blips and blops.  We thought Vivian's stomach was churning, but she seemed content so we put it out of our minds.  Five minutes later, when I went to get her out of high chair, she had diarrhea up to her chest.  I am not even kidding.  It was all hands on deck to get her cleaned up from this one.  Bubba was running to get diapers and wipes, hubs was drawing the bath and helping me actually get her out of the mess.  Good lord, it was an abrupt end to waffle night....but that's parenthood for ya!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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