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Petit Punkin...

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Our petit punkin is 9 months old today!  It is hard to believe Vivian will be a year old this fall!  I never knew what a thief time was, until I had a second child.  She is still a baby, sure...but she is no longer an infant who needs to be cradled and wrapped in a blanket all the time.  She no longer stays still in my arms, and instead crawls all over me.  She is starting to eat chunkier foods, against her will.  She is not a fan of the textures right now, but loves her cereal puffs.  This past month has been a fun and exhausting one with Miss Vivian.  

She puts the RE back in sleep regression as she still gets up once at night.  She did so good sleeping through the night months 3-7...Praying she is able to start sleeping through the night again soon!  This past month also brought a monster called separation anxiety.  If mama is in sight, bebe demands to be in her arms only.  She will hardly let anyone else hold her when I am around and has also started crying when I drop her off at daycare...with teachers she truly adores and that adore her.  She is in a high maintenance stage right now, but one grin flashing her one and only tooth and we forget about the demanding babe she can be.  She is a babbling, moving almost 9 month old that is full of personality and has opinions about...well errything!

A gal with this much personality needs a wardrobe to match her spunk.   I am looking forward to putting more style in her wardrobe for the early fall.  I have gone back on my word about two things I swore I would never do...Dress Vivian in tulle and big bows.  I totally get why so many mamas dress their baby girls in tulle and I plan to make sure Vivian has these dresses (that are available in long sleeves for fall!) until she graduates from college.

Shop Vivian's early fall style below!

Happy Monday, y'all!  Only three more sleeps for us until we are at the beach celebrating big brother Bubba's 6th birthday!

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