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Our A/C went out on Monday afternoon....and we still do not have it back in working order.  Because this is the time of year that many people experience A/C issues, the part that we need to repair it is out of stock at the moment...So last night, Vivian, Hubs and myself went to bed while it was 86 degrees in the house...I tried my hardest to stay still, because the second I moved I started to sweat profusely.  We had a fan in Vivian's room and she seemed fairly comfortable once she had a breeze on her.

We kept telling ourselves it will be tolerable in the morning...So we woke up, optimistic, only to realize it was 82 degrees.  I was thankful it wasn't 86 degrees anymore, but 82 is still pretty darn hot for inside of a house...the second I moved my freshly applied makeup just started to slide off my face...So Vivian went to daycare a little early to enjoy their A/C and I was at work at 7am basking in the chilly air.  Bubba is a lucky boy, he is chilling out (literally) at his Nana's this week.

So I end this post with a question....Why must we be adults?

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