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How do you say this?

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Now that Bubba's All-Star season is over, we can actually enjoy weekends at the pool.  It is nice to finally have a little relaxation time this summer, after all that is what summers are meant for in my book.  Vivian is not 100% sold on the pool yet.  She likes to hang in it for a little while, but needs entertainment every step of the way...nothing a watermelon rind can't fix! Can I also just mention that I am obsessed with our donut float!?  This thing is so much fun!  I got mine at Target, but the exact same one is also on Amazon here.

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I came down with the nastiest cold on July 4th.  It hit me very suddenly while I was in the pool.  We ended up going home early that day because of it.  Hubs had to take Bubba to the fireworks that night because I felt so bad.  The next morning I was S I C K and stayed home from work.  The next day I was back on routine, even if I still felt like I had been hit by a transfer truck.  I was struggle-bussing the whole time I was getting the kids ready for daycare and summer camp.  Well, as I was putting Vivian in her carseat I felt some warm squish down my arm.  I had poo all over my arm!  It was so gross, but thankfully couldn't smell due to the cold. (Silver lining?)  Bubba thought the whole thing was hysterical as I squealed about poo on my arms and hands.  By the time I got her clothes off on the changing table, she had poo all the way up to her neck.  How is that even possible!?  Of all mornings, it's going to happen when I feel the worst.  The cherry on top was finding poo on the front of my work.

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Bubba turns 6 in just a few weeks and I really cannot believe it.  It is incredible to look back at how much life changes in 6 years once you've had a child.  It is miraculous how much children grow and learn in the first few years of their life.  Instead of throwing a birthday party this year, we are heading to the beach to celebrate the boy.  So thankful that Bubba thought this was an awesome idea because I just didn't have it in me to plan a party this year.  We are going with our mother-in-law as well as another family whom we are close with.  They also have boys around Bubba's age, and the three of them are pretty tight, so I know Bubba is going to have a blast!

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Adjusting to my new hearing aid has meant hearing things for the first time.  One of the things I have picked up on is how people say the letter "W".  How do y'all say it?  I have always said "dubya", but in these last few weeks I have been hearing people say "double-you".  Which way am I supposed to be saying it?  My mind is completely blown...

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I'm going to leave y'all with some of our hilarious Snap-Chats to get your weekend started.  This is such a fun app to do with your kids. I rarely ever snap, but am on the app all the time with my kids.

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Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. Gotta love a snapchat filter!! :) I say dubba-you!