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Whatever these are...I need them in my life.  That is the only reason this picture is here as it is completely irrelevant to the post.

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Over the next couple of months I am going to be rebranding the blog.  I started blogging over 6 years ago.  I have loved Red Velvet Rooster, but over the last year I feel that I have outgrown the name and no longer identify with it as strongly as I used to.  This little blog of mine is growing, little by little, but I feel the name may be limiting the potential for this blog.  I hope my site will be more user friendly and visually appealing to the reader.  So stay-tuned for the big update and name reveal!!  Maybe I will let y'all in on the process and put the new name to a vote?  We shall see...

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Fiddle leaf figs y'all!  I am dying to have one, but I don't think our house currently gets enough bright, natural light.  I am craving more green in our house in general, and while we do get good natural light throughout the day, I don't feel it is enough to keep plants alive unless they are right by the window. 

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Vivian's first tooth came in last week and it was pure hell leading up to it's debut.  When Bubba was a baby, baby Orajel was not the big bad devil that it is today.  It was perfectly acceptable to use, and was even recommended by pediatricians.  Same with Triaminic strips.  When Bubba was a baby, our pediatrician told us to cut 1/3 of a strip to give to him when he was sick with colds.  It always helped him temendously.  Now, there is nothing I could give Viv if she were to get sick with a cold.  I swear, these medicine's go off the market because of POS (Piece of Scum, obvi!) parents that decide the recommended dosage is not enough and go with double the amount...which would cause adverse reactions.  I am sure this is not really the case...I am sure there are other very legitimate reasons that these children's medicines were taken off the shelf...which is why we do not give any of those medicines to Viv...but I would be remiss if I did not admit there is a small part of me that wonders if it is truly because the medicine is dangerous or if, really, it's certain parents are dangerous...

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Hubs had some left over Amazon birthday money on Prime Day this week.  First of all...how in the heck does he have Amazon money left?  The second I get an Amazon gift card I head straight over to my Amazon wishlist and start clicking a lot of add to cart buttons...It's a sickness. Since Hubs has a grip on the Amazon obsession, guess what he was able to score on Prime day!? A GoPro Hero 5 Session! We are so excited to play around with it.  Do any of y'all have GoPro's? How have you liked it? Any particular accessories you would recommend?
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I am loving summer with the donut floats, aviator sunglasses and being tan, but I am also so ready for fall.  I am ready to be that #basicwhitegirl I am and obsess over all things pumpkin.  Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion from Bath & Body Works and PSLs from Starbucks, please!  I am ready for the plaid blanket scarves, slouchy hats and booties.   I am ready for bonfires, hay rides and deer hunting (I gather, hubs hunts.)  October-January is my absolute favorite time of year.  Can we skip August and September, pretty please!

Happy Friday, Y'all!

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  1. Have a great weekend also! I quite love the blog name but know what you mean - a rebrand is exciting though!

  2. I don't know what those are either, but agree that I think I need them in my life!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!