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Because you deserve it...

If you live in the south, in the summer, you deserve a medal just for breathing.  I am like Olaf, ya know...the snowman from Frozen.  I love summer, but when I actually get outside I turn into a puddle.  You add two kids to the mix and holy cow I am done.  Luckily, we have a pool readily available to us at all times.  I have to say, there are times when not even the pool can give you complete relief...That is where these Cherry Limeades with Vodka come in. The nearest Sonic is 30 minutes away from us, so I wanted to come up with my own simple version of one of my very favorite a splash of alcohol does the body good, right!?  Oh is that not how the saying goes?

Not into vodka? Just leave it out.  It is delicious and refreshing with or without alcohol.  This recipe is my show of appreciation for all the parents out there trying to get through summer outside with the kids.  It is a boiling, steamy, sweaty and hot mess out there...wash it away with one of these as you relax...or in my world: As you cart a baby on your hip while yelling at your oldest "Stop running around the pool" for the hundredth time!

Happy Summer, y'all!

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