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Tacos and A Ballpark...

For the hub's birthday, we left Vivian with my Mother-in-Law, and went to an Atlanta Braves game at their new home, Suntrust Park.  We are huge Braves fans.  Hubs grew up a Braves fan and I became a fan while in college at Auburn.  Bubba knows pretty much every player and their position.  Umm, he's 5 y'all...His two favorite players are Freddie Freeman and Ender Inciarte.  So basically, going to Braves games makes us a happy family.  The night we went the Braves played the Phillies and fought hard, but ultimately lost.  We still had a blast exploring and experiencing the park.  It is like a new toy, all shiny and new.  Everything was pristine, even the bathrooms!  Another bonus; not nearly as much dark and dingy concrete as there was at Turner field.  Here are four reasons why I love the new Suntrust Park:

| K I D   S T U F F |

Y'all this was one of the best parts! As we walked down the Battery we noticed a gaggle of kids off to the side and an impressive drum line performance, so we decided to see what was going on...and we found out the Freddie Freeman and Julio Teheran were getting ready to go on the stage for a Kids Only Press Conference!  It was the cutest thing.  Kids got to ask the baseball players anything they wanted.  One child asked Freddie Freeman why he chose green for his cast (He broke his wrist in a previous game) and Freddie told the crowd it was for his late mother who had passed away when he was 10.  Green was her favorite color.  I loved getting to know the players a little more on a personal level and hope they continue to do these press conferences for the kids throughout the season.

Once inside Suntrust Park there is a kids area, appropriately named "The Sandlot".  There were so many awesome activities for the kids to do.  It all costs money, but it was pretty economical overall.  Bubba hit the batting cages and enjoyed a little virtual reality.  We really loved having economical entertainment options available to Bubba in the event he needs a break from the game.

| S T R I N G   L I G H T S |

Just go ahead and call me that #basicwhitegirl everyone makes fun of because I die over some well placed string lights...so Suntrust Park actually killed me.  I always feel like I am in the best part of a rom-com when I am under them.  You know, the part showing the beginning of a relationship where couples are laughing and talking as they walk around looking perfect leading up to the perfectly placed first kiss.  Anyway, the lights and decor really add a quaint and traditional feel to the ball park.

| P A T R I O T I S M |

This same statement could be made about Turner field, but I was so touched when the National Anthem was being performed before the game.  We were in line for food, trying to hurry and get in our seats.  When the children began to sing, most everyone stopped.  The people in front of us stopped in the middle of their food order.  People checking out in the Braves store across the way stopped in the middle of the transaction.  Parents made their children stop what they were playing and take their hats off.  Everyone stopped, removed their hats and turned to face the nearest American flag.  The whole place fell silent, with the exception of the sweet children singing.  Is there anything more patriotic than kids singing the national anthem at a baseball game? I think not.  I was really proud of my fellow Braves fans for their respect for our country's anthem and their dedication to teaching their children to have that same level of respect.

| T A C O S |

I could eat tacos all day, erryday.  Especially fresh street tacos.  Y'all, a ball field that serves good tacos is heaven on earth for me.  Granted, three tacos was $12 and they were not that big, but they were delicious!  I love that Suntrust Park has a wide array of ball park cuisine that spans well beyond hot dogs and peanuts.  They have Wok stations, vegan and vegetarian stations and of course they still have Chick-Fil-A.  There is a very wide range in prices for food, which is great because it offers options for everyone...no matter their budget.

| T R I B U T E S   T O   T H E   P A S T |

Throughout the park there are more than life-sized bobble heads of famous players.  Bubba thought these were really cool and their big heads actually move and bobble.  There is also a small museum that you walk can walk through on your way back to the front entrance of park.  They have an awesome statue of Hank Aaron as well as other memorabilia, including their 1995 World Series Trophy which was really awesome to see in person.

We didn't get to bed until midnight, but we had such a blast celebrating hub's birthday at the ball field.  Our next date night will be at Suntrust Park. It has to be. There is so much more I want to experience and enjoy!

Happy Friday, Y'all!  And GO BRAVOS!

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  1. This sounds like an amazing trip!!! We're hoping to get to Reds game and I can't wait to see how my 6 yr old does. Happy Weekend!