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I struggle with you long time...

The title of this post is a little bit of an inside joke.  The pastor at our church has been doing a series on love and one of his key points has been that love is a struggle, but it doesn't sound as nice to say "I'll struggle with you" as it does to say "I'll always love you".  Well, hubs and I have started saying this to each other sometimes just for a chuckle and because we mean it...we commit to the struggle.

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Today is my college sweetheart's 33rd birthday! If you don't know him, I am sorry for you.  You are truly missing out.  I feel so lucky to be loved by him and am proud to carry his last name.  I feel the need to share just a few reasons why I adore him...

| A Father |

I love to watch the way he melts into a puddle every time Vivian does something precious.  I love the dedication he has to helping Bubba learn to be a better baseball player. I love that he gets up with Vivian even more than I do.  I love that he vehemently objects when Bubba makes statements like "Boys are tougher than girls!"  I love that when he is away for work, he will step out of a meeting for a few minutes to FaceTime so he can watch his son play baseball.  I love his patience and care in showing Bubba how a gentleman treats a woman and in showing Vivian how a woman deserves to be treated.  He is not perfect, but I cannot think of a more perfect father for our children.

| A Husband |

I love his dedication to keeping our marriage a priority.  He shows me he loves me by letting me sleep in on the weekend.  By the way he kisses me on the neck when I am cooking or makes me stop cooking all together so we can dance for a few minutes.  By helping Bubba pick flowers to give to me.  By loving my best friends.  By turning into Clark Griswold at Christmas time because he knows how much I love that time of year.  By never letting his ego get in the way when a sorry is needed.  By helping me get through this world as a hearing impaired person, but never letting me use it as a crutch because he knows I am too strong for that.  He shows me he loves me by being the fiercest protector I know.  He will not tolerate anyone disrespecting his family and draws a hard line, that he stands staunchly by, with those who do.

| A Man |

I wish y'all could see him in work mode.  He has been with the same organization for six years and in that time he has gone from entry level to deputy director.  I am not trying to brag, but that is no small feat.  He had to work incredibly hard to get there.  He is diplomatic, professional, stern, personable and dependable.  He works more than full-time (40 hours, schmorty hours) and never questions why he works as hard as he does.  He is a fierce friend to those who earn his trust and has the most infectious laugh and smile of almost anyone I know.  As much as I hate to admit it, his jokes are hilarious and he can be so on-point with some of his comebacks that I swear I hear a cymbal somewhere...

I apologize for going on and on about him, because I know it is nauseating...but it would be remiss of me if I did not sing his praises today because I just don't do it enough.  So here's to 33 babe!  Our family is lucky to have you leading us.  Feminists will go crazy over me saying that, but I don't care. I love that you lead us and that you lead us thoughtfully and intentionally.  You are our strong and steady Oak tree.  I hope this next year brings more time for golf, more time for catching lighting bugs with the kids and more time for more kissing.  

Happy Birthday to my Hotty Hubs!  I fangirl over you all day, everyday babe.  

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