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fangirling over the short week...

I love the Friday after having Monday off. I just love that feeling of waking up thinking it is Thursday, when it is actually Friday.  Here's a high five for Friday!

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We went to the beach over Memorial Day weekend and had a really nice time with the kids and my mother and step-father.  I think hubs and I went in with unrealistic expectations because we actually thought we were going to get to relax, layout and maybe even have some alone time...SO WRONG. Vivian hated the sand and we ended up sharing our bed with BOTH kids which means zero sleep or alone time for the parents.  Vacation with babies is not's more like a field trip.  We may be exhausted from the trip, but we all gained a few freckles that represent all the memories made on the trip.  I'll remember watching Bubba go from being terrified of being in the ocean by himself, to boogie boarding for hours at a time while we watched from the beach.  I'll remember Vivian's bright red cheeks as she napped with her Daddy under the umbrella at the beach.  I'll remember my mother and step-father doing everything possible to make Bubba feel happy and loved and their smiles while spending time with their grandkids.  Vacations may be hard with small children and babies, but they are still so worth it for the memories.

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We had family photos taken a few weeks ago on my husband's family property.  I really love having professional photos done of our family and have tried to commit to having them done at least once a year.  Our photographer is amazing and is so patient while we try to get our kids to just act normal for two seconds!

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I have started watching Party of Five on Netflix and totally relive the 90's glory days with each episode.  I mean, the 90's was just one of the best decades.  I was about 8 years old when the show started, so I never hopped onto that wagon.  Now, the entire series is on Netflix and I will be watching every single episode over the next year or two.  Funny thing I noticed...Matthew Fox and Scott Wolf are the two main boy characters...Does anyone else notice their last names? No? Just me then.

Another show that I just finished that I thought was amazing was "Anne with an E"  It is a remake of the show "Anne of Green Gables"  The Netflix version is grittier than the original, which in my opinion makes it just a little bit better.  The girl that plays Anne is spot on.  I highly recommend the show.

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I am really getting the tattoo itch.  It will be a while before I actually decide to get another one...because, well bills and kids...but I am fine with that because it will take a while to design.  I know for sure it will be a floral tattoo as that is what I have wanted for a long time, but I have some unique and special details that I also have planned to put in there when the time comes.  Check out my Pinterest board to see more about what I am thinking about.

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Did y'all get a chance to see my post about how to be a sideline hero by prepping ahead of time for your kids games?  Check it out here!

Happy Friday, y'all!!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Chelsea - those family pictures are gorgeous!! Your whole crew just looks so content!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your family photos are beautiful! Love them! I'm glad you were able to make some nice memories at the beach, even if you didn't get to relax much!