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The weekend that was...

This weekend was one of the most glorious weekends in existence.  The weather was gorgeous and our TV only got turned on at night to watch baseball. Go Braves!  Super thankful for just all the things on this Monday morning.

Saturday was spent getting the boys haircuts, eating at my favorite place in the whole wide world...Cracker Barrel...Purchased plants, herbs and an adorable pineapple pillow.   Hubs and Bubba did yard work while I cleaned and played with Vivian.  The four of us were outside the entire day...with the exception of watching our Atlanta Braves play the New York Yankees.

Sunday morning was all about the snuggles and pallets on the floor. 

Late Sunday morning was spent grocery shopping with Bubba while Hubs and Vivian went to church.  I made sure to get gussied up because if you go shopping on a Sunday in my small town, you will see everyone you know and their brother too...

Sunday afternoon was spent waiting for the grandparents to arrive.  They drove up from FL to stay and play with Bubba for a few days of his spring break.  We dyed Easter eggs, grilled lamb chops, watched the Cubs play the Cardinals and even enjoyed a Kentucky Mule night cap.

Hoping to live off the high of our weekend at least through Wednesday.  It was that good.

Happy Monday, y'all!  If you are in the South, stay safe from the storms coming through!

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  1. Beautiful weekend. Enjoy every thing that you can as you go. Some things you will never be able to go back to again. Pick lots of daisies!