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Silly Confessions of A Birthday Girl

I have noticed that on many questionnaires and surveys, I am having to check a new age bracket.  First of all, OW!  It hurts to check the new physically hurts.  Second of all, I don't feel as old as I am. I still laugh at fart jokes and get completely immersed in a Disney story line.  Not exactly acting my age...and I don't ever plan on it!  Here are a few other confessions...

| I    L O V E    S P R I N K L E S |

I wish I could explain how much I love sprinkles.  They are so underrated.  I love them because they can make anything look cheerful.  Ice Cream looks so boring without sprinkles...Cupcakes are boring without sprinkles...Life is boring without sprinkles.


| M Y   T V   T A S T E S   A R E   S T U N T E D |

I loved Glee.  I still watch Gilmore Girls and New Girl on the regular.  Currently I am re-watching Hart of Dixie series which is similar to Gilmore Girls with all the quirky town members, but southern.  I am one of those folks that likes to keep it light when it comes to my entertainment.  I don't generally like watching heavy things. Plus, Lorelei is kinda my spirit animal.

| I   S T I L L   L I K E   T O   P L A Y |

I noticed as I have gotten older, mamas the same age as me rarely play in the pool.  I see them always afraid to get their hair wet.  Well, I am sorry but we live in the deep South where your fingernails melt off of your body by 10am in the summertime if you don't find shade or a body of water stat!  I am getting in that pool and very likely I am going to jump in headfirst.  I love swimming underwater with my son.  We play all sorts of games like who can touch the bottom first and retrieving rings.  I'll deal with my hair later.

 | P I N K   L E M O N A D E   I S   M Y   F A V |

One of my favorite things is pink lemonade and basically only because it is pink and fun.  Crystal Light pink lemonade is so yummy.  Regular lemonade is boring as is water.  I normally drink 90-120 ounces of water a day, but somedays I just can't unless I have some pink lemonade to mix in there.  Of course, I do know how to adult a putting a little vodka in the pink lemonade.

As I get one year older I am thankful to be young at heart and intend on staying that way!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. I think you are the coolest mom ever for playing with your kids in the pool! I need to lighten up myself in that department. :)

  2. oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!