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My rules...

It is no secret that I can be picky...even high maintenance at times.  When it comes to my kids clothes, you might as well expect me to be triple picky.  Clothes are very important and are always a part of first impressions, unless your naked...then that would be very weird.

I have a few rules that I have followed when it comes to purchasing clothes for my kids.  Listen, never say never.  my kids have been in some of the worst clothes ever...I am not saying I am 100% successful all of the time, but it is my goal to always ensure our children have proper fitting, classy and quality clothing.

| Rule #1 |

Small or no logos.  I understand the need for brands to have a logo, but I cannot stand the super large logos as I think it makes my kids look like race cars.  I prefer very small logos or no logos at all.

| Rule #2 |

No writing, except on occasion.  I, absolutely, positively, cannot stand clothes for my daughter that have "princess" or "diva" written all over them.  I firmly believe that sets a precedent in our girls lives that we need to avoid.  She is not a princess, I am very sorry to say, as that means I would be a queen, and no divas are allowed in our house.  If she is going to have anything written on her clothes, I hope  it will have words of empowerment on there...but really, lets just stop labeling our kids.

| Rule #3 |

Avoid synthetics.  I want my children to be in 100% cotton.  That is just my personal preference.  I feel like that is the safest option for their skin and one of the more eco-conscious choices.  The only exception to this rule, for me, is sports performance clothing.

So how in the world do I find this mythical unicorn called clothes with no logos, slogans or glitter? Primary Clothing.  Y'all, this company has made buying clothes for my children so easy.  Their motto, that you won't find on a single article of their clothing, is "No logos, no slogans, no sequins." Music to my ears! They offer solid color clothing for children all made with the softest cotton around.  I absolutely adore their clothing and my kids do to.

My daughter really enjoys their baby dresses.  The baby dresses have a onesie underneath the dress which keeps her belly from being exposed while picking her up.  Bubba really likes their shirts.  He says "...they are soft and I like the bright colors"  They are super comfortable and perfect for playing and being kids in.  They are low maintenance in the laundry department and are very durable.  I really cannot sing their praises enough. Primary Clothing is my new favorite clothing brand for my kids.  I love the solid colors, because my kids are too beautiful to have a pattern to distract from their beautiful faces!  You know what, your kids are too beautiful for that too!!  Let's let our kids shine.

Check out Primary Clothing today and I promise you will not be disappointed.

*This post is sponsored, however all opinions are my own.  I am completely obsessed with their clothing*

Happy hump day, y'all!  Stay safe from the tornadoes and storms coming through tomorrow.

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