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In Pictures

I felt like reminiscing on this past weekend.  It was fairly low-key, nothing super special other than hubs came home after a long week away from home.

| F R I D A Y |

Up at 4AM means she gets to go back to sleep at 5AM while I have to stay up and get ready for work...

Waking up Bubba with snuggles...She seems happy about this, no?

Taking a selfie to send to the hubs who had been gone most of the week.  I had to show off my new LulaRoe top and my make up was on point.

At the end of the day, my desk looked like this...which is pretty standard! #studentaffairslife

Bubba keeps rocking his sight words tests with 100%...every now and then this calls for ice cream!  Heavy on the sprinkles please!

| S A T U R D A Y |

 Vivian slept til 6AM then decided to take a nap at 7:30AM...Sassy thought it was a good idea too

Bubba happily played Legos while Vivian napped and Mama actually got to sit still, drink coffee and even read a few pages of a magazine...

After baseball practice and lunch, Bubba played outside for nearly 5 hours straight...He loves playing with his Army men...

Lounging waiting for Daddy to get home

| S U N D A Y |

In between being outside with Bubba and making some delicious Broccoli Cheese soup there was a 3 hour nap during which I snuggled with Vivian...

I hope everyone is surviving the week so far!

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