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I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

Like the true Southern girl that I am, I am NOSE-EEEE!  I gotta know the gossip.  I wanna know what bones are still left in people's closets and I really get curious about what people carry around with them. So I figured I would show you some of the random things in my bag in hopes you will humor this belle by letting me peek in your bag next time I see ya. I am going to assume we all have a wallet, phone and keys in our bags, so I'll skip over those...

You should know, as I was writing this I realized that I am an insanely boring, stereotypical working mother.  I should have thrown a pair of handcuffs in there just to make y'all think I am edgy...It nearly caused me a mini existential crisis...which for a #basicwhitemom means changing up your hair by barely getting it trimmed or getting your nails painted a crazy color like red instead of petal pink....then I realized I am totally comfortable just embracing the stereotype with my shoulder length mom hair, nude nail polish and yoga pants.

| P L A N N E R S   &   N O T E B O O K S |
I never knew what busy was until I had two children while working full-time, outside of the home, and had one child in baseball.  To keep everything straight, I have to write things down, multiple times, so I know where I am supposed to be when.  I have my Lily planner that goes with me everywhere and I also keep a notebook in case I need to write things down that don't necessarily need to be scheduled...I also keep a desk planner on my desk at work that pretty much has the exact same things written down on it as my Lily planner does...

| P R E T T Y   P E N S |
I remember when I was in junior high and high school, crazy colored pens were all the rage.  I remember my favorite ones were the marble colored and metallic ink pens that were insanely hard to read.  I look back on those days and wonder how in the world our teachers did not just hate our guts...I bet they did, but they were so good at hiding how they really felt most of the time.  Well, 13-17 years later, my love for crazy colored pens never died and now I have to have them everywhere I go.

| D I A P E R S   &   W I P E S |
I really don't need to go in great detail about this.  I have a daughter who is notorious at her day care for her blowouts and a 5 year old son who plays baseball 3 nights a week...Most days my kids end up looking like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown...Mamas got to be prepared!

| T O Y S |
Once you become a parent, you become the keeper of things...all the things...including toys that your child begged you to let them bring wherever y'all are going...only to play with them for 2 minutes and then ask you to keep them in your purse.  Bubba has not even realized that he has been missing Batman and the Joker for at least 2 months now...true story...I am now conducting a social experiment to see how long it takes him to realize they are missing...I bet he never realizes they are gone because he has too many toys to even notice...

| P A I N T   S A M P L E S |
Hubs and I are getting ready to paint our master bedroom and bathroom.  We can be found at Lowes or Home Depot almost every weekend.  As you can clearly tell we are as basic as you get as we debate about the different types of whites and grays.  I die over the poetic names.  How they come up with them, I will never know.  Painting our walls canyon winds does make me feel more adventurous though...even if we are painting our walls a boring greige...

So there you have it.  I am as predictable as they come...and I am ok with that, for the most part.  What would I find in your purse if I went perusing? 

Happy Friday, y'all!!!

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  1. You'd find diapers and wipes and lots of baby supplies! My little girl just turned 3 months old and she's our first, so I have everything I could need in case of emergencies (and blowouts!) stashed in my diaper bag/purse.

  2. Love the paint colors!

  3. I love "What's in my bag" posts because I'm nosy too haha! Totally with you on the pretty pen thing, I love a good, colorful pen--and that Rifle Paper Co. notebook!!

  4. I've been wanting to do a "what's in my bag" post for a while. Maybe I'll actually get around to it today, LOL. I always carry a huge bag because I'm forever carrying other people's crap. Between 3 kids and my fiance, PLUS my stuff, I *have* to have a big bag. I always have my wallet, makeup bag, hairbrush, hand sanitizer (always), hand lotion, body spray and/or perfume, Advil, something to eat (we get hungry while we're out, LOL), some type of drink, wipes/diapers, phone charger, and about 392843092 random unnecessary things. LOL. You wouldn't believe the amount of crumbs and random crap I find at the end of my purse every week when I clean it out. 💁😂 Anyway, I followed your blog and would love if you'd followed mine back when you get a chance! <3

    xo, Sarah