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Let me tell you how I really feel...

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. It is true that I am addicted to it, but over half of what is on my newsfeed drives me absolutely B A N A N A S! So to let y'all know how I really feel...I decided to document my facial expressions in response to, what I consider, Facebook faux paux...

The...Political ranting and sharing of fake news...posts

I am not claiming that I have not shared anything politically charged on social media before, but I have sure tried to steer clear from it.  There is just too much toxicity and arguments about who supports the best politician, when in actuality they are all crooks.  People don't fact check anymore.  People are just reposting memes and articles without even checking sources...sometimes people are sharing articles they have not even read because of the title of the article itself..smh...and people wonder how fake news became so rampant...it's our fault entirely. 

really..I mean really...

The...Rodan + Fields...posts

To my girls who sell this: please don't take this the wrong way because I am glad you have found something that makes you happy...truly I am...this is not personal as I really love each and every one of you...but there are, literally, at least 10 of y'all on my friends list...which means every other post on my newsfeed is a before and after photo or a picture of a bunch of bottles or that darn amp roller!  I'll be scrolling my newsfeed in bed and will be enjoying seeing pretty pictures of people's families, the cute thing their kid did that day and adorable, fluffly puppy videos...then BAM, an up close picture of some horrible acne...


I mean, was that necessary? I've seen enough of my own acne as a teenager, I've done my time!  I am so happy that we have located the fountain of youth and the cure for acne, I think that is awesome...however that fountain is insanely expensive...like there must be flecks of 24K gold and diamond dust in those bottles. Plus, y'all keep telling me my freckles are are imperfections and I happen to love them thankyouverymuch!

The...If you love God then you have to share this post in the next 15 minutes or you will go to hell...post

I can't tell you how many posts I see demanding that I share an "I Love God" or "I Love Jesus" meme in the next 15 minutes or it will be assumed that I am ashamed to be a Christian.  I'm going to go out on limb here and say that they did not have social media in Nazareth back in the day.  I think there are other ways I can be a good Christian without cluttering up y'alls newsfeed with pointless memes.

Give me a break...

The...If you are my true friend then you have to share or I will think you hate me...posts

I see quite a few posts where people want to see who their "true friends" are by sharing a post asking their friends to share said post and tag them back so they know you are one of their "true friends". First of all, I think it is ironic that we now judge who our real friends are by a post on Facebook.  My friendship barometer is solely based upon the actions, or lack of action, by people in my life.  Second of all, y'all must think I am the worst friend in the world because I have not shared a dang one of them.  I still love y'all though!

I must be a horrible friend based on your standards...


"I can't afford to lose anymore weight, I keep having to buy smaller sized clothes." Shut up. Just shut-up.  

"My child has already eaten all the green vegetables in our house for snacks...ugh, guess I am going to have to make a second trip to the store..." mama, please stop...my eyes are rolling out of my head...

If you are going to brag...brag and brag proudly...don't try to be covert about how this great thing you are bragging about is really an inconvenience...we see what you're doing...

I see what you're doing there...

If any of y'all do these things, please know I am only poking fun...and am secretly making fun of you in my head every time I see a post like one of these... #sorrynotsorry

Love y'all!

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  1. Everything about this post has me cracking up, but YES! Yes to everything.

    I also see like a bajillion It Works post, but let's get real - it doesn't.

  2. Amen!! I get so fed up with Facebook sometimes.

  3. HAHAHA!!! Love this! I must confess, I've hid a few friends lately. Hope you're having a terrific weekend!

  4. "I'm going to go out on limb here and say that they did not have social media in Nazareth back in the day." Girl, you made me laugh so hard.

  5. This content of yours is a great amalgam of hilarity. Loved this so much.
    P.S. You have beautiful eyes.

  6. I could relate to it very well. Loved your content, it's a great amalgam of hilarity.
    P.S. You have beautiful eyes.