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The amazing pregnancy test...

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A year ago today, Hubs and I found out I was pregnant with our sweet Vivian.  I cannot believe a year has already passed.  I took the test when I got home from work that day, after making myself wait for days (it felt like years, lezbehonest) I saw the positive test and did a happy dance in the bathroom, quietly since Bubba was on the other side of the door, and laid the pregnancy test by hub's side of the sink. I took two more tests to make sure it was right.  When he got home he took forever to actually go in the bathroom.  He came back out with a HUGE grin on his face.  He hugged and kissed me, then we decided mums the word for a while.  We began to announce to close friends and family in April and publicly announced in May once we knew we were having a baby girl.  Just thinking about how exciting this time of the year was for me last year makes me miss being pregnant...kinda...

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Last Saturday, we had a couple and their daughter over for supper.  Hubs went to high school with both of them and Bubba currently goes to school with their daughter.  We had such a nice time catching up and I loved hearing all of the crazy stories about high school and the first part of college.  It can be so hard to find parent-friends and I feel lucky to be able to call the two of them friends.  We fixed grilled pork chops with homemade alabama barbeque sauce, roasted potatoes and asparagus.  For dessert I made the Red Velvet Cake I posted about here.

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This year, Hubs and I decided to give each other a pass when it came to gift giving and celebrating anniversary, birthday and other holidays.  We just felt like we both could use this year to get a grip on the whole #familyoffour thing.  Of course, the hubs still managed to get me flowers. Hubs tried to have flowers sent to my work, but the florist claims they could not find me...even though they have been delivering flowers to me at work for the last 5 years...fishy, no?  Hubs picked them up from the florists and brought them home for me.  I gave Hubs a bouquet as well...a bouquet of beer.

It was Viv's first Valentine's Day and I think she will end up loving this holiday as much as I do...Of course her Valentine was sweet big brother, Bubba.

Bubba spent Valentine's Day getting school.  They had a "Q&U wedding" The girls were "Q" and the boys were "U".  Judging by the look on his face, he was pretty happy with who he was marrying.  Adorbs!

I also made Red Velvet Donuts for my co-workers. I have really amazing co-workers and supervisors who took over my students while I was out on maternity leave and did so without complaint. I never once worried about work while I was out.  I am truly fortunate to work where I do.  So the donuts were my modest attempt at thanking them.

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We recently purchased a new entertainment center.  It is not really meant to be an entertainment center, but when I saw it...I had to have it. I just knew we could make it work...and by we, I mean my husband.  Of course, he made it happen and I am so happy with how it turned out!  Still a little empty, but I am in love! Extra props to the hubs for mounting this TV on his own with a few improvisations to make it work since our studs were really far apart.

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I am currently working with Framebridge to create a gallery wall using some of their products.  I cannot wait to show y'all the end result and a quick "how-to" in the coming weeks.  I am already obsessed with this company and know you will be too!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Great post!! Your flowers are beautiful and that beer looks delicious! haha

    Vanessa @ Nessa's World

  2. Great post! Your flowers are beautiful and that beer looks delicious! haha

    Vanessa @ Nessa's World

  3. Love that entertainment centre and those donuts look amazing!