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How to get happy...

We are in some strange times.  Our country is more divided than it has ever been in my 30 years on this earth and honestly, it can't all be one man's fault.  We, as citizens, need to take a little responsibility.  Social media has become a breeding ground for negativity and pure hate.  People are circling the drain of disdain and are viewing the glass as half empty, when it is always half full.  We need to send positivity and light to the leaders of our country and to every human, whether we agree or disagree with them.  There is always a winner and a there will always be a group of people that are unhappy with the outcome. No matter if you are democrat or side is ever 100% right about an issue, because very few issues are truly black and white.  

What the world truly needs is one big dance party.  democrats and republicans, atheist and evangelicals, old and young, people of every color and every size...we all just need to let loose and have a massive dance party with one another...So here is a playlist that everyone can get down to.  These songs are sure to put the happy in your heart.

I hope this playlist puts a little bounce in your step! Hang in there, it's hump day!

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