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Coconut Lemongrass Soup

I will never forget the first date hubs took me on after having Bubba.  Bubba was about 6 months old and we were desperate for a night out.  We took our son to his grandparents and then drove to Newnan to try out a Thai restaurant.  At the time, hubs had never tried Thai food before and I had eaten at Thai restaurants maybe 5 times, but every time I only ordered Pad Thai...which is such a cop out. 

So here we were, two newbies stumbling upon a true authentic Thai restaurant down on the square in Newnan, GA with absolutely no clue what to order.  I don't remember what all we ordered, I just remember it changed our lives.  Thai instantly became one of our favorite food cultures.  We have begun to venture into the world of Thai cooking and I have to say, some dishes are insanely easy to make.  One of our favorites is the super easy and quick coconut lemongrass soup. This soup is #allaboutthatbroth.  The broth is so deliciously the point where I could care less about the chicken and the rice that is also in the soup.  Take a risk and try this soup, even if you have never had Thai before, this soup is the perfect introduction.

| I N G R E D I E N T S |
I was able to find all the ingredients for this soup at our local Kroger

2 chicken breasts, sliced into thin strips
3 Tbls fish sauce
Juice from 1 lime
1 box of chicken broth
3/4 Cup water
3 Tbls ginger (I used the stuff in a tube)
3 Tbls lemongrass (Again, the stuff in a tube)
1/2 Cup Jasmine Rice ( do not rinse)
1 can lite unsweetened coconut milk

Garnish with:
red pepper flakes

| M E T H O D |

Marinate the chicken strips in the fish sauce and lime juice and set aside

Bring chicken stock, water, ginger and lemongrass to a simmer.

Add rice and simmer for 15 minutes, until rice is nearly done.

Add coconut milk and bring soup to just when it is starting to boil, then lower heat to medium low

Add chicken with marinade and cook until the chicken is done, about 10 minutes

Ladle into bowls and garnish with cilantro, lime, jalapeno and red pepper flakes to taste.

The only downside to this soup is that the fish sauce can stink up your kitchen, and your it may not make the best soup for entertaining if you care what your house smells like when you have guests over like I do!!! You can make this dish as mild or spicy as you like it with the jalapeno and pepper flakes, which is the beauty of this dish. Basically, just try the damn soup.  It is delicious and you will thank me.

Happy Eating!

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