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The weekend of the dirty birds!

This was our first weekend with me back to work.  I have to say, I appreciated my time at home much more than I ever did on maternity leave.  Time felt more precious and I made sure to not take it for granted.

We stayed pretty busy on Saturday.  Viv started our day around 5am.

Later that morning, we headed to the local junior livestock show. I was so amazed at how the children were able to control their animals.  There was one scary incident where the cow tried to bite it's owner, while being shown, and then proceeded to jump around a bit.  The boy was able to get the cow under control and he kept on going.  I was super impressed with the kid for pushing forward, as I can imagine it scared the heck out of him!  Vivian was mesmerized by the cows.  She just stared in amazement trying to figure out what they were.  Bubba was in heaven.  He loves farm animals in general, but cows may be about his favorite.  In large part, because his daddy works with cows and other livestock.

After the Livestock show, it was literally flooding all over town from the torrential downpour we had been having all morning.  We were not ready to go home, so we braved the weather and got some errands done.  Bubba got his hair cut at the local barber shop then the boys and Viv helped me get the grocery shopping done for the week. I did not get my grocery list together in time to submit a Kroger Clicklist order...which meant we had to actually go into the store this time...which also means I probably spent $40 more than necessary because, well...impulse shopping...

Saturday night we had our friends, Ashley and Lee, over for supper.  Hubs grilled pork chops and I made Alabama White BBQ sauce, green beans with bacon and roasted new potatoes.  Our friends brought cupcakes, wine and beer. True friends, folks! Both the adults and the kids had a nice evening just hanging out and of course Ashley and I always have to make sure we are up to date on the local gossip!

| Sunday |

We went to church then watched the Atlanta Falcons crush the Green Bay Packers!!!!

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I was really hoping the Steelers would pull off a win against the Pats as I can't stand Tom Brady...but I guess it just means the Dirty Birds will have to crush the Pats.  Also, did I mention Super Bowl Sunday is also my 6th wedding anniversary? Hubs is lucky that I love football! The Falcons winning the Super Bowl would be a great anniversary gift!

The rest of the night was spent doing load upon load of laundry, lunch meal prep, homework with Bubba, cleaning, bath times, etc...  The life of a mama is so exciting, right!?

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While the weekend was nothing special, I really...really enjoyed it.  It was just a simple weekend that filled my heart up, truly.  There is always room for improvement and there will always be work that needs to get done around the house...but for right now I just want to focus on loving my family and spending time with them.

Hugs to all! Thanks for stopping by! 

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