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Sweet Buddha Baby

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Vivian Rose: 3 months

99th percentile for height, 95th percentile for weight

In 6 month clothes and almost in size 2 diapers

Very close to belly laughing, but for now coos and squeals with delight

Had her first ear infection :-(

Loves to "talk" back and forth with mama and daddy

Loves to watch ceiling fans and loves to kick

Favorite things: owl chime that hangs on her car seat carrier and these fluffy muslin blankets

Big bro Bubba is her absolute favorite person

Called Viv, Vivi, Sissy, Schnookums, Buddha Baby

Likes listening to John Mayer in her swing while we work in the kitchen

Sleeps about 9 hours at night in her Dock-A-Tot in the crib. Either sleeps through the night or wakes up once to eat

Loves bath time...This bath is amazing!

Drooling like crazy, but rarely takes a pacy..prefers her fingers!

Sits up well with support

Colic is on it's way out the door

Mama went back to work and Viv started day care.  

She loves her teachers, but is not so fond of louder babies

Went to her first livestock show and was mesmerized by the cows

This past month has been a fun one.  The newborn fragility has faded a little and her personality is really starting to come out.  Not nearly as gassy as first two months. The colic is starting to fade out as well, which has allowed us to enjoy her more!  Looking forward to what this next month will bring.

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