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Mini-Celebrations Because We Can...

One of the very best things about having babies is watching them meet various milestones.  They hit a milestone every day it feels like and each and every one of them must be celebrated.  While it is the baby who did all the hard work to reach the milestone, parents celebrate because it makes them feel like they are doing something right.  Some milestones are met simply because the baby turns a certain age, but parents will still celebrate because it took a lot of hard work to keep that baby alive to be able to reach that milestone!

From smiling and laughing for the first time, to getting their first teeth and taking their first steps...Milestones allow for parents to have mini-celebrations every other day.  There is absolutely nothing that will make a parent want to celebrate (AKA take pictures and post to social media) more than witnessing their child thrive.

My very favorite milestone is when babies begin sleeping through the night...and Vivian did just that two days ago!  YEEHAW!  I put her down in her crib at her normal time, which is usually between 8:30-9:30pm.  I was asleep by 10pm and the next thing I know it is 4:30AM and I hear Viv cooing through the monitor.  Hubs confessed that he woke up at 3AM and panicked because Viv had not been up yet.  I woke up and celebrated!  With Bubba, I would have freaked out and run into his room and studied his chest to make sure he was breathing.  With Viv, our stereotypical second child, I woke up, laid in bed knowing that she was just fine and relished in the fact that I just got 6.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

I am so glad that I had Milestone™ cards to be able to take the perfect picture to commemorate the momentous occasion!  This set of Milestone™cards has a card for every milestone you can imagine for the first year of babies life.  Each card has a space at the bottom for you to write the date the milestone was achieved and the illustrations are colorful, yet clean and easy to read.  They are perfect to use for pictures with your little ones to post on Instagram and all of your other social media outlets.  I have used various baby picture apps, and they are great, but Milestone™ cards are great to have a tangible keepsake. They also make card sets for pregnancy, toddlers and wedding milestones.  They even offer free printables on their website that are adorable!

I really love having these cards handy for the many milestones Vivian will be hitting over the next 7 months.  As our stereotypical second child, I have not started a baby book for her and if I am being honest, I probably won't ever start one...thank goodness I will have these cards to mark the important moments.
Happy Friday, Y'all!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my very own.

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  1. That's a really cool idea! It would make it easier to keep track of all those milestones!

  2. She is just precious! I am done with the baby portion of my life. Treasure it the time does indeed speed along!

  3. This is such a cute idea...and a very cute baby! I'm stopping by from High Five for Friday, and I'm glad I clicked over to your blog.

  4. She is just precious! It would make it easier to keep track of all those milestones! I am done with the baby portion of my life. Treasure it the time does indeed speed along! Thank you