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Avoiding the tacky and toxic...

I love baby toys and gadgets as they help babies learn and develop...plus they keep babies occupied if only for mere minutes at a time.  The baby product industry is constantly changing and adding new "must-have" items for parents to purchase in hopes they are really buying a piece of their sanity back. Toy companies make parents feel like we have to have every single one of the hot new baby items, that each have only one function and take up way too much room, or else we are not good, loving parents and will be reported to Child Services.

What I hate about baby toys and gadgets is all of the tacky colors and sometimes poisonous plastics.  I don't like having to constantly worry about toys containing harmful chemicals and I can't stand for our common living areas to look like a daycare.  Let's face it, there are some toys and/or gadgets that you are going to keep out in your living room for convenience. 

Many of Bubba's old baby items were damaged in storage, so we have had to purchase a great deal of baby items all over again.  This time around I told myself I wanted to look for items that could stay out in our living room without making it look like childcare center.  I wanted to focus on eco-friendly items that were made from organic and safe materials.  Finn + Emma is a brand that met my criteria effortlessly.  They make clothes, bibs, toys, play gyms, etc... We have their Hipster Play Gym which is made from unfinished Indian hardwoods. The dolls that hang from the play gym are handmade by a collective of Peruvian women and are made with all organic materials and fabrics.  Two of the toys on the gym are also teething rattles as they are also made of smooth Indian hardwoods, filled with Indian cooking beans and finished with vegetable seed wax making them safe for your little one's mouth.

The play gym blends in with our farmhouse/industrial living room decor very well.  You do not even notice that it is a baby toy.  Most importantly, Vivian LOVES it.  Her attention span is still pretty short, but she will spend 10 minutes or so just laying under the play gym trying to swat the toys with her arms.  The hanging toys are removable and can be hung on her car seat carrier handle as well.  Finn + Emma Products are versatile, stylish, discrete and eco-safe.

Happy Monday, y'all!  Stay warm!

*I received this product in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my very own.

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