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Want, Need, Wear, Read

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I have always wanted to limit the Christmas gifts to something you want, need, wear and read.  I would love to do that for the kids as well as the hubs.  Every year I say this and it never happens. This year is no different.  The kids will be getting entirely too much again this year.  Since I can't stick to this for the kids, I decided to at least make a list for myself.

| WANT |

\\ GoPro HERO5 Session Camera \\

While most people view the GoPro as a camera for adventure, I would LOVE to have one of these to film Bubba's baseball games as well as get good footage of Vivian's latest milestones.  There are so many uses for a GoPro in a domestic setting, they are not reserved for Devin Supertramp or Dude Perfect on You Tube...Mamas need them too!

\\ Canon EOS T6 Rebel DSLR Camera \\
I am ready to start learning more about photography and, while I would love to have a side business in photography, I would at least like to not be at the mercy of overbooked photographers and photographers that charge an arm and a leg.

| NEED |

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I struggled trying to come up with something that I desperately needed.  Then, I realized how blessed I am to not be able to think of something I desperately need.  There are plenty of things that I need like socks, underwear, bras, shoes...heck, we are even going to need a new car in the next year or two...but truthfully, my family has everything we have a warm house, tons of food, transportation, plenty of clothes and shoes...and most importantly family and friends that we love and that love us.

| WEAR |

\\ Sperry Top-Sider Women's Saltwater Rain Boot \\


I have been dying for a pair of duck boots.  I have larger calves, which makes it hard for me to find tall rain boots that fit well (Like the Hunter rain boots I would love to have) so I have set my sights on traditional duck boots instead.  I think these would look great with a pair of jeans in the winter.

| READ |

\\ Magazine Subscriptions \\

While I would love to get into a good book, I have no spare time and when I do have moments of time, I am trying to catch up sleep.  So, I am being realistic and am dreaming about the Southern Living Double Issue for December as well as a subscription again.  Another magazine subscription I would love to have is Garden & Gun.

What is on your Want/Need/Wear/Read list this Christmas?

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