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Just Listen...

Photo Credit: Laura Barnes Photography

I asked Bubba these questions a couple of weeks ago and just listened to his answers.  Absolutely no coaching involved.  These are pure Bubba answers!

1. What is your name? Bubba

2. How old are you? 5

3. How old is Mommy (as I wince)? 30

Photo Credit: Laura Barnes Photography

4. How old is Daddy? 200 (Bahaha! I swear, I did not say a thing...this is exactly what he said.  I may or may not have given him a high five after the fact.)

Photo Credit: Laura Barnes Photography

5. What is your favorite color? I have two. Orange and blue. For Auburn colors (The boy is being raised right y'all!)

6. What is your favorite food? Pizza and cupcakes!

7. Who is your best friend? Slade, Brady, Jake and Wyatt!  (These are members of his bromance crew. They are very much a ride or die bunch!)

8. What is your favorite animal? Tiger, Lion and Wolf.  (He went on to explain that he likes tigers for Auburn, lions for his school and wolves for the college I work for...so he chooses his favorite animals and colors based on his allegiance to certain schools...I can dig it!)

9. What makes you sad? When my friends at school don't want to play what I want to play

10. What makes you happy? That I have so many friends (This filled my heart!)

11. Where is your favorite place to go? The Zoo and Nana's

12. What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist like Bob Ross (we've been watching a lot of Bob Ross on Netflix lately!)

13. What does love really mean? "It means to heart somebody."

14. Who loves you? Mama, Daddy, Vivi, Sassy, Slade, Jake, Wyatt, Brady, Nana, Gran, Pops, Grandpa, Ammy and Ay-Ay.
Photo Credit: Laura Barnes Photography

I love his honesty.  Have you ever sat down and asked your kids questions like these, without guiding their answers? Take some time to just listen. Don't correct, don't steer...just listen.  You will be amazed at their answers and it will give you a window into their minds and the experiences they are having when you are not there.  I plan to ask more questions and just listen, because my kids are pretty cool.

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