High 5! It's the weekend, but I still have to parent. - West & Rose Farm

High 5! It's the weekend, but I still have to parent.

Happy Freaking Friday!  Its been a long week with little sleep, not sure how the weekend will change that...in fact after this weekend, I will have both kids at home ALL day for two weeks...I've forgotten why I was so excited about this weekend?

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Between being sick with allergies and colds for the last 7 weeks and my hearing aid needing a part replaced, I have not been hearing as great lately.  I end up hearing the complete opposite of what someone said half the time.  This week Bubba asked, very exasperated, "Mama, can you just get 300 hearing aids?"  It was all I could do to not call my son a jerk to his face!  Guess I need to take the very heavy hint and get my hearing aid fixed and cleaned.

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I made some Lavender Sugar Scrub to give away as presents this Christmas.  I went ahead and made enough for a dozen 4oz mason jars.  It has been great to have these gifts ready to grab if I need to give a gift.  Jack gave them to his teachers as Christmas gifts and while it is not much, it is a thoughtful gift.

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Hubs whipped up some sugar cookie dough from scratch last week.  It has been so convenient and easy to be able to grab some cookie dough out of the fridge and cut them into cute shapes for holiday parties and presents.  Bubba enjoyed cutting them into gingerbread men and decorating them.  I enjoyed eating them.

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Vivian's sleep patterns have definitely regressed since she was born.  We try everything...sound machine, essential oils, humidifier, lights, no lights, swaddle, no swaddle...but she cannot seem to stay asleep at night for longer than 3 hours at a time.  Nonetheless, I am still pressing forward in getting her used to her room and crib during the day.  So far, naps in the crib last maybe 30 minutes, which is not bad in my book for her first 3 days in there.  I hope we can get her transitioned to her crib in the next couple of weeks as I feel like she will get more restful sleep in her own room versus in a room with us and our dog...not to mention we will rest better when she is in her room! 

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Sunday night we get to go to Callway Garden to see the Christmas Lights.  This is a new family tradition for us as this is only our third year.  Bubba absolutely loves the whole night, not just the lights.  He loves the other activities available, like the the high jump that he does every year.  I am looking forward to taking Vivian this year.  We will have to BUNDLE UP as it will be frigid!

Happy Friday Folks! Next weekend is Christmas!  I need to finish up gift shopping and just enjoy what is left of the holidays.  It goes by far too quickly.

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  1. My Little One is 2 and IS still restless. My oldest slept amazingly from the beginning. But Little L is just so restless. He twitches in his sleep , he talks in his sleep. I so hope YOU can get some sleep! Have fun seeing the Christmas lights!