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5 Reasons I am a #basicmom & Giveaway Winner Announcement

1. Whenever I get a chance to drive without the kids, I blast Eminem's "Lose Yourself" and I mean blast it. People in the next car look around to see where that low base is coming from.  Nope, it is not coming from the low rider car with the blacked out windows or the fancy Escalade...It is coming from my Toyota Sequoia Mom-mobile with a car seat base and a booster seat in the back seat and a "My kid is so awesome because of..." bumper sticker.  Yes, that is me with the mom haircut and Columbia fleece jacket cocking my head to the beat thinking I have a little rhythm, when I have none at all.  

2. I rely on Kroger's ClickList for groceries every week.  It is so great to not have to go grocery shopping every week, but instead browse my phone, select my items and have someone else do all the hard work and even load everything into my car...but...I still go into Kroger to get my Starbucks so that I can sit quietly in my car, sipping my latte while waiting for my groceries to be loaded into the car.

3. There is always a reason to go to Target.  Even when there is no logical reason, you come up with one.  "Oh, we are out of paper towels?  Target is the only place that has the "good" paper towels. I swear I will be back in thirty minutes."  An hour and a half later and 5 target bags full of anything but paper towels...There is always a reason to go to Target.

A Mom's vacation - shopping alone!!:
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4. I live for Christmas cards and spend a great deal of time selecting the right card and making sure to get the right pictures.  Christmas cards are meant to send holiday wishes to family and loved ones, but lezbehonest...Christmas cards are like Facebook in the mail...it is all a big facade to make you look and feel like you have your shit together...when in reality, the world is falling apart while the photos are being taken.  For example, in our photos, Viv is throwing a complete conniption fit..judging by the photos you would think she was a angelic, cherub baby...far from the truth my friends!

5. Every outfit of Vivian's can and will be coordinated with a bow and now a lucky winner gets to add a Rifle Paper Co fabric bow from Jayme at Sweet Goldie Girl to their collection! Congratulations, Gladys!  Please let me know which bow you would like!

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I will embrace my basicness as I drive my Mom-SUV while drinking my latte and rocking out to rap music from 15 years ago because it makes me feel gangsta enough to put my big girl panties on and deal with life with two kiddos!  Try saying all of that in one breath...

Merry Christmas, y'all!!

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  1. The Target piece cracks me up! Andre told me we needed water one day, so I was like "Sure. I'll just stop by Target and pick it up," which is ridiculous because it costs like 2 more dollars than Kroger. Lol.

  2. Chelsea, I really enjoy reading your blog. You have a folksy charm in your writing that I thoroughly enjoy. Happy holidays! 🎄