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Super Moons = Sleep Deprived : TGIF!

Week three with Miss Viv has not been as easy as the other weeks have been.  Her sleep habits have not been as great, although I am still not complaining, and she can be quite colicky in the early evening.  I am just going to blame everything on the super moon from earlier this week in hopes that everything will return to the easier days soon.  That huge moon has knocked the whole family slightly out of whack this week and I really don't care to experience another one again...

Excuse language..but it's true...

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Breastfeeding has been an immense challenge, just as it was with my son.  I have been unable to breastfeed, but Viv is still getting my milk as well as some formula.  It is not what I wanted, but it is what it is and I am thankful I can still give her at least some nourishment.  I have been pumping lots so as to build up a decent stash...

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Yesterday, I posted Vivian's birth story.  I absolutely love reliving her birth as the whole day really was perfect and was exactly what the hubs and I wanted.  I feel so fortunate to have had things go so smoothly and to have been able to do most of the laboring in the comfort of my own home.

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Bubba's kindergarten class has been learning about the presidential election and basic civics.  They even had their own election where students voted for Hillary or Trump.  If you can't read the poster, it says "If I were the president...I would play with kids."  While it is a very sweet statement, as he loves to play with his friends, this statement also sounded very creepy when paired with the picture of an adult male...

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I am loving all the new designs for Starbuck's red cups.  I have gotten to treat myself to several things this week and I am so thankful for the hubs and my mother-in-law for making it possible...
So how did I treat myself?

Hair cut!  My hair was halfway down my back and was constantly in Viv's face.  Now it is collarbone length and I love it!

Shopping!  Hubs stayed home with both kids, and cooked supper for the family during this time, while I was able to go shopping for a few new clothes.  I even purchased my first pair of ankle booties!

Coffee! I was able to go grab coffee one morning while hubs was home with Viv.  Why can't coffee brewed at home taste as good as it does when you order it from Starbucks!?

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Our town has 16 miles of connected, paved walking trails that go through woods and fields all around the town.  On a portion of this trail, they have added an 18 hole disc golf course.  We went on Sunday morning and we all had a blast.  Disc golf is something that everyone can enjoy, whether you are good at it or not.  Right now, we are all pretty terrible as we are learning how to play and how to curve a frisbee...but it is so much fun to be learning something new together as a family.  Kudos to the hubs for discovering this new activity for us to do!

Happy Friday, y'all!

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  1. Look at that milk stash!! I was t able to breast feed directly my first a baby so I pumped and pumped and pumped. I stopped pumping around 6 months and he had milk for at least 3! We even had to buy a deep freezer to hold it all. Haha. Hope you get some sleep soon! And yay for some self time! :))