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High Five For Friday: Newborn Edition

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SHE'S HERE!  Vivian was born on Monday, October 24th at 5:34pm.  She weighed 10lbs 4oz and was 21 inches long.  She arrived utterly perfect!  It was the labor I had hoped to have and I promise to have a birth story post up soon!!

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Bubba is the most amazing big brother, just as everyone suspected he would be.  He has been so amazing at helping me with her.  He feeds her, holds her, consoles her, snuggles with her and just genuinely loves her.  I did not realize it would be possible for a 5 year old to have a connection with their newborn sibling so soon, but Bubba is loving being a big brother.

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The first week home was a little rough for me emotionally.  I missed spending all of my time with Bubba.  He has handled the transition so much better than we expected, which almost made me feel more guilty!  I hated having to shut myself in our bedroom so Viv could nurse or so I could pump. It made me feel so separated from Bubba and I hated it.  It was extremely hard on me, but after the first week or so I was able to embrace our new normal and find new ways of spending quality time with Bubba.  I am a pro at throwing a football while holding a baby now!

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We've had a couple of challenging nights with Viv, but for the most part I have been able to count on around 6 hours of sleep a night.  I have been getting up at 5AM, which is what time I get up to get ready for work.  Getting up early, showering and fixing my hair has made me feel so much better and more energized throughout the day.  Hubs and I have gotten a pretty good routine down in the morning that has helped me ensure I get both kids out the door in time to get Bubba to school promptly. 

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I took Viv with me to vote on Tuesday.  I feel the need to apologize to my children for the mess that my generation has let happen.  I hope we can get it cleaned up before it truly affects their ability to achieve their goals.

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  1. She is so beautiful! And you look amazing!! Congrats.