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This and That...

Two weeks ago my co-workers threw me the sweetest shower for Petit Bebe.  I so enjoyed getting to spend time with co-workers old and new while celebrating sweet Vivian on the way.  It is hard to believe she will be here in 4 weeks or LESS!!!  I only got a couple of photos, but I love them all.  Also, if you have not experienced PinkBlush Maternity yet, I feel sorry for you.  They are the only dresses that have kept me feeling put together and dare I say, sexy even!?


Vivian, and mama, received so many adorable gifts and more gift cards than one can count.  I have some amazingly generous friends and co-workers and feel so fortunate to work with some truly thoughtful and caring people.  Yesterday was my 5 year work-anniversary working for this amazing university that I work for.

I was supposed to have another baby shower the following day thanks to some sweet friends of mine, but unfortunately my cousin had passed away and it was all I could do to get through the first shower without we had to cancel my second shower.  I am a lucky girl to have this many friends, family and co-workers wanting to celebrate sweet baby girl.

Last week, Bubba received an award for earning 100% on his big sight word test.  This test included all of the sight words he had been learning for the past 9 weeks.  He was so proud of himself, as were we!  He has also been reading books to us at night!  Reading to us, not the other way around.  It is quite impressive!


Bubba has scored or been responsible for a run at every single baseball game so far!  He has also gotten a few people out while playing second base.  Baseball has been so much fun for the whole family this season.  He suffered through a hard season being the youngest and greenest on the team in the spring.  This season, Hubs and I have enjoyed seeing him excel and strut his stuff a little.  He deserves it!

This past weekend Bubba got to meet up with some of his bromance crew from his old school.  They had not gotten to see each other since the beginning of August, but went straight to playing and wrestling as if they saw each other yesterday.  I truly cherish their friendship, as well as the camaraderie and friendship I share with their parents.  It is a good little group and I hope we continue to keep these boys close!

The rest of our weekend was spent hanging out and eating our favorite...Bomb Pops!

Hard to believe this past Sunday was the last game to be played at the Ted (Turner Field)...So thankful we got a family shot down on the field back in June and that Bubba had a chance to run the bases.  We have made some great family memories there the last 5 years.  Looking forward to seeing the new stadium, but it will be hard to beat the Ted!  Wherever they play, we will always be Braves fans!

Random updates today is all I got!  I am loving my last few weeks as a family of three and trying to cherish every second of it!  Happy Hump Day!!

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