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Risky Business

10 years ago tomorrow, I had my last first date.  3 more dates after our first, I took the biggest risk of my life.  I did something that terrified my guarded heart.  Something that I always expected someone else to do before me.  Despite my fear, I knew I had to risk my heart because I had never been so sure of what I wanted in my entire life.

I made the first move on the guy I was head over heels for...

Hubs and I were at the end of a date (date number 4 I think) and he was walking me to my truck.  We both leaned in to hug and it was awkward.  Hubs kissed me on the cheek, like a perfect gentleman who is receiving mixed signals.  I wanted to kiss him so badly, but had never been more terrified.  I like him SO much and did not want to end up with my heart broken.  I sat in my truck for a few seconds watching him walk back to his townhouse and something in me snapped.  I was not going to cower from the risk of him not being that into me.  For the first time in my life, I took control and went after what I wanted, unapologetically.

I yelled his name and said "Come here!!"  We met each other, hurriedly, in the middle of the dark parking lot, nearly knocking each other out when our lips met.  It was a magical first kiss.  It was my last first kiss and, in a way, I knew it in that moment.  We went from you and me to us in that moment...

I look back on that risky move and all that we have achieved since that night and it is shocking. The night of our first kiss I felt empowered in a way I never had before.  He has continued to make me feel empowered and capable of going after whatever I want.  We are polar opposites in almost every way, which keeps it from ever getting dull around our house.  We have exceptionally high expectations of one another and motivate each other to always do and be better.  Things have been far from perfect since that kiss as we have struggled and lost a great deal along the way, but through it all we have stood side by side.  We both appreciate the struggles that we have been through, because it has shown us how strong our relationship really is and that nothing can come between us.  I hope that everyone, in any kind of romantic relationship, can experience the respect and trust that we have for one another. 

I am so thankful for that one time I threw caution to the wind and just said "Screw it, I'm going for it".  I have never looked back.  We had the time of our lives together as broke college students at Auburn, then we became young newlyweds...then broke new parents...now we are getting ready to make our 5 year old son a big brother to a sweet baby sister at the end of the month.  We have amazing jobs and were able to purchase a home we truly love.  Above all, we have succeeded together.  I knew there were some good things ahead for us in the future, but no one could have imagined how lucky in love we would be!

Happy 10 years, baby!

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