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This past weekend was a fairly busy one.  Going into the weekend we breathed easy as we realized we didn't have all that much planned...
Well that is just never how it ends up in our house for very long...


Bubba and I were out of the house by 8:30AM to run a couple of errands, pick up some CFA chicken minis (his fav!) and go to the barbershop for a much needed haircut.  Bubba's Grandaddy went to this barbershop, which is why we always go there. It is just another small way we keep Grandaddy's memory alive for Bubba.  Ms. Tammy decided to have a little fun with us and put him in a Bama robe while cutting his hair...Bubba was not happy about it!

After morning errands we went to a birthday party for the daughter of one of the Hub's friends from high school.  They put together such a cute party, but it was hotter than hell...even at 11am!!  I was pretty worn out by the time I got home, I went to lay down for just a few minutes...Decided to check myself out on my phone to see how much more make up I needed to reapply and was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn't look that bad for a girl who is nearly 8 months pregnant and had been out in the thick GA heat! Naturally I had to document this discovery while I was lying down! Call me vain, but when you look and feel good...selfie away. Do what makes you happy!

Next up was Bubba's baseball practice...in the middle of the day...when it had to be at least 100 degrees.  When that was over I headed to Newnan to be with family that was in town to be with a family member that was in the hospital. Sad circumstances, but it was still nice to see family from back home in Kentucky for a bit.  I ran some more errands, talked with family on the phone and was finally coming in the door around 10PM, just in time to catch the last bit of the Auburn game.  Auburn crushed Ark State.  WAR EAGLE!
Image via Auburn University Bookstore


 #messyhairdontcare #nomakeupdontcare

Sunday we had a chance to sleep in and indulge in some Panera Bagels I brought home from Newnan the night before.  We ate in the backyard to enjoy the 5 minutes of cool weather we have in the mornings. Bubba snuggled with me, or my belly I should say, and picked me some gorgeous mexican sunflowers.

Bubba and the Hubs headed to the batting cages to work on Bubba's swing and I headed to grocery.  The rest of the afternoon was spent tying up loose ends around the house, laundry and prepping for the upcoming week.  Bubbas lunches are all ready to go for the week!  On the menu is pizza roll-ups with Applegate Farms Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Spinach and Pizza Sauce inside a whole wheat tortilla, cut-up grapes, white cheddar popcorn and for snack, graham cracker bites.

We had  Bubba's Nana over for supper and games to celebrate Grandparent's day and then Bubba got to sleep in his bed that his Daddy has been working on refinishing the past two weekends.  His room still has a long way to go, but he sure is loving his new bed.

Happy Hump Day, Friends!

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