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The LONG Weekend

Notice anything different around these parts?? My blog got a much needed facelift! The previous design was about two years old and it was just a bit too literal for me.  I was really sick of the red roosters on my Red Velvet Rooster page.  I was ready for a design that was cleaner and softer...I hope it is reader friendly for everyone!

This long weekend was just LONG.  I loved having three days off of work, but we did not have much to do except for stuff around the house.  I am also becoming a bit more limited in what I can do, being nearly 33 weeks pregnant and still in the thick of the summer heat here in GA.  Because of this, Bubba became hyperactive at times coming close to breaking an arm and also almost denting one of our cars...

One exciting part of the weekend was dabbling in some fall decor....which is code for buying up the under $5 section at Target!

Another, much anticipated, part of our weekend was the beginning of the Auburn football season.  Our household loves SEC football, especially Auburn football.  Hubs and I met while attending Auburn University and graduated a semester a part from one we consider ourselves to be a true War Eagle family...Bubba already has hopes of following in our footsteps with one difference...He has big dreams of playing football for Auburn one day....

Unfortunately, Auburn lost...and it was a tense game to watch, but we are just so glad to have football on in the house again! During half-times of various SEC games the boys went out in the yard and played football while I sat and watched in amazement at how good Bubba is getting with the football.

Hubs worked hard outside first pressure washing our house and mowing the yard, then sanding down headboard and footboard to prep it to be stained. This headboard and footboard will be Bubba's new bed once the new mattress and box spring comes in later this week.  Bubba helped put on the pre-stain and stain, which may be why it will not be absolutely perfect...but I love that he had a hand in refinishing his bed and learned the process of refinishing wood by watching his daddy.

Monday was my most productive day of the week.  We got up and out early to visit our favorite local coffee shop for breakfast.  We were hoping to enjoy the mild weather, but by the time we got to the coffee shop (thank you Bubba for forgetting to bring shoes the first time) it was already approaching 90!  Afterward, we headed to our local recreation department to use their batting cage as Bubba wanted to practice baseball before his upcoming practice on Wednesday.  The boy is dedicated, y'all!!
The rest of the day was spent cleaning house, coloring with Bubba, trip to Home Depot for supplies and MUMS!  Hanging baskets were $6 this weekend, so naturally I bought three for our front porch.  I will take a picture of our front yard once we get the mess from all the work we (by we I mean the hubs) have been doing all cleaned up!
After suffering from heartburn for maybe the 4th time in my life (all 4 times of which have been pregnancy induced) throughout the night I decided to get back to my basic white girl status and order my first PSL of the season this morning...Let me tell you, it was amazing!
Happy Tuesday Friends! So thankful it is not Monday!!


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