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My Agenda

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I take planners very seriously.  I absolutely have to have a planner to write in.  Hubs and I share a Google Calendar to keep up with appointments, baseball games, meal plans and meetings...but I have to physically write all of that information into my planner in order to keep up with it.  It is almost like when Harry Potter had to go to detention with Professor Umbridge...where he has to write sentences over and over, but the sentence carves into his hand over and over.  Granted, my way is not painful.  The only way I will carve my commitments into my brain is if I write it in a planner! 

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This year I decided to try out the Lily Pulitzer agenda in the Southern Charm Pattern.  Working in higher education, I have seen many of my students carrying them...especially those in sororities.  These agendas come in sizes small to jumbo. I got the large planner so I had enough room to write out all my commitments and meal plans, but can also put it in my purse.  I have been very content with the planner so far. I really like the hard back, making it super durable and the pages are brightly colored in true Lily fashion. The other great aspect of this planner is that it will get you through a year and a half, beginning in August which is great for higher education professionals like myself.

Another planner I hope to try someday is the planner by Rifle Paper Company.  I am obsessed with their artwork and the layout of their planner is very similar to that of Lily Pulitzer, but has the retro illustrations I cannot get enough of...

2017 Rosa Our classic format featuring a hard covered metallic spiral binding2017 Desktop Our classic format featuring a hard covered metallic spiral binding

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The Mecca of all planners for me is the Life Planner by Erin Condren.  I had a gift card that allowed me to use one of these a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved everything about it.  I was really hoping to use this planner again this year as they have an hourly layout that I thought would be really conducive to recording breastfeeding logs when Vivian gets here...but the only drawback to these planners is they cost a pretty penny...Try $55 for the basic planner with no bells and whistles.  Granted, I believe they are worth it...I just could not bring myself to spend that kind of money while preparing for baby.

If you are interested in an Erin Condren Life Planner and want $10 off CLICK HERE!

What do you have to use to keep your life together? 

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